Exercising the Furniture


I know, I know – another strange post.

They all are. I pretty certain you’ve come to expect this of me…

So just curious (it’s the cat in me I can’t help it)……

Exercising the furniture.

What image comes to mind?

Tables doing leg lifts?

Chairs doing squats?


In your house.


Not here - our furniture takes laps around the room.

Usually doing a little piquet dance along the way.

Sometimes taking a detour into another room.

And then another lap.

Or two.

Maybe four or five.

And then ending up in exactly the same spot it began.

Here. In my house. The furniture takes laps around the room. Ends up exactly where it started....must be for the exercise. Why else would "she" chase it around the room. Lap after lap....

You would have thought “she” would have worked this mobile furniture thing out of her system for a while. You know after the country Living Fair and all. Setting up displays, moving furniture, moving it again, three or four times.....and then some....

A normal person may have.

Scratch that....most likely would have.

But we are not referring to the “norm” here are we (wink)?!? Which reminds me…..

A special thank you to all those who came to the show and left me notes! And even a few gifts!!! You guys are the bestest ever!!!! Thank mew VERY much!! It made my five long days inside oh so worth it! So how does this tie in with my previous sentence of “norm” and “not so norm”????


Seriously. Dogs. There were as many dogs as there were cats who left me notes and gifts. Did I mention, seriously! Kind, sympathetic notes from dogs. And if the scanner was working right now, I'd show you a picture one of them sent to me. Handsome fellow! Anyway...so purrsonally, I’m thinking being “not so norm” isn’t such a bad thing! Now if you’ll pardon me, I think I’ll go help supervise the next round of table races……it's either that or get run over......


Coming up for air....

Yikes! It's been some kind of crazy around here......and still is, so this will be probably be the shortest post I've ever done. Can I do it with just a few meows......this cat who takes two steps and a meow, another two steps and a meow....probably not but here goes anyway.....

We had "her" niece and boyfriend in for a week. There were from the Portland, Oregon area. Lots of tourist time and a few extra snacks for me. Company is so easy to purrsuade....."no I haven't eaten in three weeks, how about a snack".... hey, it worked! I even had Grammie believing it - check it out, she's making me FOUR hot dogs! (Reminder: click on the picture to see a larger image)

The time prior was nip and tuck I tell you. I wasn't sure I was going to survive the trauma of company preparation. And on top of that, as you may have suspected it included lots of show prep time. Because it was so close to the show date, everything or as much as possible had to be done BEFORE they arrived. Eek! It was a frenzy of cleaning, gathering, pricing, and making the "stuff". I napped alot during this time. "She" wore me out just watching "her".

Inside, more hardwood flooring was put down. Well naturally, after the carpet and padding was taken up. Some painting in prep for the floors to go down. Only the hallway and the master bedroom left. But that will have to wait. Maybe after the show.....

But now that all that is done, and the niece is now home....

yes, "she" kicked it into high gear.


It is almost time.

The trailer is finally loaded and parked in the driveway ready for take-off. Yes, quite literally.....checking the trailer brakes this evening.....not sure if they are working. So.....since the driveway slopes down and then up slightly, it could very well be a "take off". I'll be watching from the front window. Safe.

Originally, I had hoped to go with. But after the discovery of the questionable trailer brakes....well not so anxious any more.

And this evening after viewing the bed of the truck....I really don't want to go. Thankfully, it's dark here, so I can save my reputation and spare you the redneck truck picture. Trust me on this one - seriously, there are bales of hay sticking out, chippy old doors and even a porch column that looks like someone tried to set fire to. Should have let it burn. Just saying....


Oh the horror.

I don't understand how we could go from this (see photo below submitted for admission) to a burned up old porch column....oh, I sure hope "she" knows what "she's" doing....honestly though? I have my doubts.

If anyone questions my participation in anything other than the bedding line, I will have to deny any involvement. I can do that can't I??!

One last thing....if you are coming to the show, bring along a handwritten note to me and I'll make sure "she" gives you a small gift. It doesn't need to be anything grand, just a note letting me know that you thought of me, since I can't be there in purrson. Yes, I'll admit it, I love the attention. My name isn't Romeo for nothing ;)

I'll be sure and post pictures after "she" brings them back.

Have a purrfect week!