Do you purrfur pictures or fluff?

So I had written this big long story about way-back-when-times. "Hers" and not mine of course because "she" is way older than me and therefore has lots of way-back-when-times. Anyway, upon proofing it, I realized all that fluff could simply be summed up as this:

The old bullet riddled metal horse, was once part of a lightning rod which sat on top of the grandfathers barn.

But the barn being quite old, was taken down this summer. And the rusty old metal horse, complete with the milk glass globe is now a welcome part of our home.

Now a story that was 600 words plus, has been pared down to three sentences. Rather than giving you the history and the significance of the lightning rod horse, I am going to use more space on this post for pictures than words.

For "her", the horse represents memories of another time and place, and good times on a family farm with a very old barn. Call me nostalgic, but at Christmas time, it seems the purrfect time for remembering family memories, don't you think?