She tried to slow roast me!

"She" did! I'm seriously feeling crispy! Can you believe it?!?!

Well here's how it came to be....

I should post, "she" told me. "It's Friday already and you promised to do better."

I did?!? I don't remember promising that.

Okay, I'll post.


Maybe. Like when it isn't so hot outside.

"She" told me that it wasn't nice to wait until December. Is this "her" way of telling me we are not even close to being finished with this hotter than hot weather?!?!

Oh my whiskers....I think they are melting into a puddle of whisker nothings.

Or maybe that's just purrspiration dripping off my whiskers. Either way, it's too hot.

But that did NOT deter "her" in "her" mission to motivate me to my responsibilities.

"She" cares... about my reputation. And carried me out the door..... into the slow roaster.....

I'm telling you it's mid 90's here, not a breeze, and the humidity.... and me with a fur coat on..... it's almost enough to make me take the dog clippers to the old coat.... almost.

In the early stage of roasting, I asked around to see if anyone else thinks it's roaster-hot.

Blackie, my brofur declined comment. As a former, Florida born and raised feral, I thought this was pretty serious testament. Still we journeyed on....

Hot? The bees think so. At least, I think that's what this girl said. It was hard to tell in between gulps of water. But I'm certain she was hot.

The flowers didn't answer. I don't think they had the energy. However, judging from their crispy petals, I didn't really need an answer.

"She" started getting hot, so we rested. Well, "she" rested and I rolled in the dirt. Hey, chickens do it to keep cool.... Remember, I was desperate to stop the slow roasting process, because I really was feeling like prime chicken roaster material....

Lucky for the chipmunk, I was enjoying the dirt so much I didn't even notice the little guy fighting off a feinting spell at the watering hole. (note, paws braced against the block to steady himself.)

Finally agreeing that purrhaps I was right (like duh), we headed back to the house.

Where even Tessa, was having heat issues.

It would have helped if "she" had remembered to turn the air conditioner on, out in the studio.....

See?!? I'm telling you, "she" is trying to slow roast us!

What about YOU?! Are you being slow roasted????


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo you should come visit here...while it is VERY hot my Mom keeps me inside where I chill under the ceiling fan.
You furry friend,

stefanie said...

poor baby!!! yes its hot here too!!!

Olive said...

Yes we are hot but Clovis loves being outside and hates being told to come in for the night. He will sleep on the deck, in the shade, all day if I let him. He is a true Georgia cat. I am a true slacker and like my ac!

NanaDiana said...

Do you know I start smiling the minute I see a post from you and am grinning like an idiot by the time I finish? I don't know what SHE was thinking taking you out in weather like this! Purrhaps she had some heat induced dementia (shhh..don't tell HER I said that). I must say she is pretty darned good with that camera- I gives me paws to see someone take a picture up close of a bee like that! Did she take that just to amews HERSELF?

I hope your weather cools soon..it feels like Hades' breath here-so hot! AND humewd! Have a great Friday night- xo Diana

Deb said...

I love that photo of Blackie. It is so hot here too..up in the 90's. The cats are doing a lot of sleeping and resting and lying about. No energy to do much else.

Diane said...

It's hot here in Wyoming, too. At least you cats know how to take it easy and not expend any extra energy. Please don't cut your beautiful hair Romeo, you would NOT like that! Tell "her" to try to keep cool and you and your friends too. Diane

suzi whitaker said...

Way too cute and hot!!! Hope to see you at the country living fair...

Gracie's Cottage said...

Oh my poor Romeo; how dare 'she' treat you so inhumanely! You just give me a call next time and I'll rescue you immediately!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is hot here as well and we live in New Hampshire for cryin out loud - you know, the place where it is white with blankets and blankets of snow for about 70% (well it seems like that much) of the time! My mom, lucky for me, hates the heat more than me so she flips that airconditioner switch on at the first sign of heat - I must admit even with my fur coat it gets a little chilly around here - she really hates the heat. Dad walks around in a sweater and sweatpants most of the time - he told me it is that woman thing moms go through when they get older! But I guess cold is better than being slow roasted. I can always go nestle into the down comforter on her bed.
Hang in there dude, cool weather is coming, sometime, I hope!
Raphael and his mom

Mariodacat said...

You poor baby - you even look HOT! You could move to WI cuz we're a whole 2 degrees cooler den you are! wooohoo! Nice to meet you pal.

Unknown said...

Oh, my!! I have never seen such hot kitties....Miss Party got a summer cut to help her out. You might give it a try.

Katnip Lounge said...

Romeo, it's more like a stir fry at our house, 115 on the Catio yesterday afternoon! Stay cool!

Rustique Gal said...

Romeo Dear,
I hate the slow roast too! Fluffy and Snuggles do slug about in the heat. I find them on my white bedspread with their legs akimbo and bellies exposed. Very unladylike, but what's a fuzzy girl to do! I hope the weather breaks soon!
Keep cool.

Cindy said...

Love the picture of Blackie! That is how I feel everyday! I don't think it is ever going to cool down or rain in Texas! Love all your pictures and I enjoy reading your blogs. You are a hoot!

The Thrifty Reenactor said...


You poor cat! I can't believe she made you go out in that heat. I think I see a furball on the rug by the bed in her future!

Stay cool my friend!

Purr and meows,


Plumrose Lane said...

Oh yes, it's miserably hot here too, ugh!

I have to thank you SO much for stopping by my blog ~ I lost your link several months back when Photobucket went down and have been aching to add you to my new 'blog roll'. I don't get much chance to make rounds in blogland but yours was one of my favorite stops.

Oddly enough, Romeo the Cat brings nothing related to you in a Google search, humph! ;D
So happy to find you again ~ thanks for the visit!


Cindy said...

Checking in to see if you are not roasted! I am sure you are under the bed where it is cooler!

oldgreymare said...

It feels like the world is on fire..in many ways

try to stay cool...me? underwear and a fan..

The Rustic Victorian said...

How dreadfull! I do not sweat, I do not go out, I do not do anything, I controll "her", that's what I do here.
Miz P.
I must go tell her to feed me now...good luck R.

Catherine said...

I don't think our summer was as hot as this ~ but as we are now heading into the coolness of autumn, I wouldn't mind having a little heat back!

You kitties ~ and chipmunk ~ are all so cute!
xo Catherine