visions of wonderland

How to begin?  Or better yet, where to stop!

There has been so much having happened, that it makes this cat feel like he's high on catnip.  A very dizzying effect for those of you not familiar with the stuff.

Many of you might remember the day I came through and contributed my genius solution to a not so reliable transportation issue.  Well I'm happy to report that although she did not take my suggestion, the truck did make it to the show and back.  Of course every day was an adventure and none of it good.  Yes I heard every word of it and would love to tell you about all the dirty details.  However, for some reason I don't remember a single word of it.

So moving right along....wait a second.....got a cramp in my back leg....eek....mEoW.  Actually I think my foot fell asleep.  It's hard to find a decent chair in this place.  Purrsonally, I think she needs to add more down fluff to that cushion. Guess I'll wait until she goes to bed and order it myself.  The internet is a wonderful thing - they'll never suspect it's me ordering feathers!  I mean after all I can't order that anchovy and salmon pizza from the same company so they'll never put it all together.  Yes, yes, I know genius idea again.

Now while thinking of the purrfect chair, I am reminded of my most recent genius solution to a less than purrfect chair.  There was one in the loft of the barn.  She had put it up there because the mohair covering was beyond repair.

Now I vaguely remember that the chair was put up there for me to lounge in, being fond of the barn loft and all.  And of course the chair was okay for a while but what fabric that was left was soon enough history.  And I abandoned it for fluffier locals.

Of course I still went up to the loft.  It's really a good place to escape from her smooching lips and lightning storms.  Which of course have about the same fur raising effect on me.  Anyway, on one such occasion I noticed that someone had been visiting my chair.  Alarming no?

No!  It was a mouse.  I nice furry...plump....little.....rodent. But we are not going to talk about the little-leave-mouse-turds-in-my-chair vermin.  Because no one but me knows what happened to him and I am not talking.  But suffice to say he did not visit that chair very long after I discovered him.

So with the turd-ball-maker out of the picture, I designed a grand plan for the chair.

It took something like "forever" for her to get this done.  And it's not exactly what I requested.  But I suppose when indigestion sets in and I need to eat a plant leaf or two, ivy will do since I doubt I'll be digesting it.  At least not for very long.  Yeah, yeah too much information I know.  But you'll thank me when you get indigestion and my methods work!

Anyway it does have kind of a ready for the compost pile Alice in Wonderland feel to it....and picture me as the Chesire cat perched on the back....oh my! the picture oppor-tuna-itties that await me!

Now, if I could just get comfortable on that single board....more fluff needed here too it would seem.

Or maybe I'll just wait until it grows more.

The ivy that is. Not the chair! I don't need that much more room to perch!

And while I'm on a roll with Alice and the Cheshire cat..... one last project that I supervised. From afar. But that still counts, right?

 I sent her over to paint on the walls at Grammies house.  And in keeping with my favorite new way to view things.....

Not too impressive I know, nor representative of Alice or the Cheshire Cat.  Until you realize......

That this flower is over seven foot tall.  Yep! And in a bathroom no less! Now we're meowing, right?!

This one is not as tall as the other two and is growing out of the mirror.  (yes, I saved you having to see her reflection in the mirror - you're welcome).

Although I instructed her to paint three, I failed to be specific when I sent her over to photograph them later.  She photographed two.  You're right, I didn't tell her to photograph all three.  See why thorough  instructions are so important?! At least she did paint three.

So to finish up my catnip induced state of mind, I will close with this.....

While you're busy reading this, I am going to start working on the next TWO posts! Hard to believe I know. But I still have more to share with you - the office was painted and furniture moved around (a post all it's own).  And Karen's "Where Woman Create" is coming up soon and there have been changes to the studio!  Pretty excited to share these and this will be a great time to give everyone a tour, so I hope you'll check back again!

Until then, sending you rumbling purrs and warm sunbeams to nap in!


Maureen said...

Oh Romeo - you are quite the story teller... I am still wondering what exactly happened to the mousie... you didn't... did you? Yikes! That chair definitely has "Alice" written all over it; very cool.

Those flowers are awesome! Wow! I can't imagine painting something so large.

I can hardly wait to visit your and her's place at Karen's party again this year; I too will be there - with some changes to my studio as well!

Hope you have a great weekend filled with many catnaps.

Maureen said...

Sorry, Romeo and "her"... I was signed in on my other Blogger account. That last comment was from Maureen at Victorian Studio ;)

Olive said...

Oh gosh Romeo that chair is brilliant. You know following instructions is hard. Right? xo, olive

Diane said...

You and "her" have a very busy life, Romeo. You are looking so sleek and handsome. I remember that's where I met the two of you - on Where Women Create and I have loved the posts that both of you create since then. The chair is wonderful but the one where you're sleeping in these pictures looks much more comfy(and no mousies!) Very beautiful flowers in the bathroom and yes, it does look like Alice in Wonderland. Diane

cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...I was so sad that I missed her at the show, but I'm hoping to meet her in the Fall. Wow...the chair is awesome!! I must say...you are one cute kitty sleeping on that cat blanket!!
hugs to you and her,

Unknown said...

Holy moly!! So much talent in this house!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are so stinkin' creative... I hope She is thankful She has you around to help!
Raphael and his Mom
P.S. Nice job on the little turd making fur ball! I'm just sayin'!