I cannot live without books.

This is a quote from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, June 10, 1815 .  I think maybe "she's" a relative of his.  Yep, you read that correctly, no need to read it again.

How is it that "she" could be related to Thomas Jefferson!?!??  "She" most definitely has a thing for books.  However, unlike Mr. Jefferson, I'm not even sure "she" reads any of them.

Upon inspection today, I discovered that there no where a book does not belong.  Okay, so I'm here and I'm telling you, "she" has books.  LOTS of books.  TONS and TONS of books.  Maybe I should start a library for "her".

When "she" went to Washington DC, a trip was made to Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home.  It is written that he had so many books anyone entering the library had to follow paths made among the stacks and stacks of books.  Tall stacks!  During his lifetime he owned between 9,000 and 10,000 volumes of books.

Well wouldn't you know it, "she" came back home feeling so much better about the number of books "she" had. Well isn't that just lovely, thank you Ms. Tourguide for that bit of information!  Hope she makes a career out of being a tourguide, because I'm telling you AA would never take her with that kind of helpfulness...

I reminded "her" that Thomas Jefferson's books ended up in the National Archives and are an important part of history and record.  Somehow I doubt that the books found in "her" possession will make it to anywhere important.  Unless of course it is decided we cannot afford cat litter any longer and then they will indeed make an important contribution.

So just how many books does "she" have?  In "her" office I counted 359.
And in "her" studio I counted 223.  Thats  582 books!


This does NOT include the multitude of magazines or the binders containing a bazillion pages from magazines. Nor does it include books in any other part of the house.

I didn't include those because I'm not sure I can count that high.  It's not that I don't have the know how to count that high, it's simply self preservation - by the time I finished counting the books I mentioned, I was worn out.  Good thing, once opened, they make nice lounging spots.  I'd have never made it to my bed....I was exhausted!
I wonder if "she" realizes that books can be read or if "she" thinks they just look good sitting on shelves????

So, how many books do YOU have?


Unknown said...

Who cares how many??!!! I love the way "she" displays her books-especially the ones with the sea shells. AND, I think I would be quite happy to spend all day looking through "her" books!!!

Anonymous said...

lol@lynns comment.I have books but not lots, I dont have to much time to read, I should have though.I read mostly during wintertime.

Have a great day Romeo!;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Ahhh I am like 'her' and have lots and lots of books. Tucked here and there, piles of them waiting to be read or decide if I am going to pass on to others. Sigh...I love my books and I must say Charlie thinks they make good napping places also!

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Romeo, I too, have books! Way to many. I love pretty books and magazines and the magazines threaten to take over regularly. The books I actually read I give away! Unless I can't part with them, I pass them on to likely good homes. I keep the pretty ones. Fluffy and Snuggles love to lay on the open books too. Tell Her I love Her OLD book collections!

The Victorian Parlor said...


My mom has the same addiction. Books everywhere! Unbelievable! My dad actually had to build a library for all of them. Then my grandpa and his wife were getting rid of their old books and shipped several boxes to her. I don't know how many she has but I can tell you it's got to be close to a jillion!

Purrs and meows,


The Feathered Nest said...

Ohmygoodness, I love them so too!!! And I dare NOT count them as I continue to add to them as often as I can!!!! I say whoever dies with the most WINS!!! I hope you're doing great sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

Burlap Luxe said...

Romeo dear, I think it is a purrr-fect amount of books. Don't ever get any bright idea's of shredding up pages and using them for your litter box now!

Thank-you Romeo for your visit again, I know I must have had you excited over all the birds I have painted on my signs did I tempt you!!!

Thank you for all your purrring in my ear of compliments on my art.
I hope you helped yourself to a bowl of milk.

Susan said...

Oh Lordy Lord Lord Lord, I have never counted them. But there are a LOT. I have five entire shelves of just cookbooks! I adore books. They are the best friends in the whole wide world. Sincerely, Susan

Nishant said...

.I have books but not lots
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Greatma said...

I totally love your blog, Romeo's writing is hilarious!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will be back!!!!!
Antique Rose

Lovey said...

LOL! Great post!..Way too many books I have to count...C'mon back and Link up with Me and thanks for your comment on my blog. The Link of is on Saturday the 22, post. How to see you Linked! It would be Purrfect...heehee...Lovey

Lovey said...

Okay...now that I have read this post...oh this is too funny! I adore "Romeo". How funny for Romeo to count all those books just to make his point...He's such a wonderful friend to have! I too have way too many books to count...I'm sure over a thousand! I'm sure pushing more 1,500. OMGoodness to say that out loud...gheez...Romeo please don't tell anyone...this is between me and you...heehee.
P.S. On occasion I will read mine again after the first two reads though...they are just so beautiful on the shelves I can't get rid of em'. Smiles...