Wonders of the world

(Part one of two)

There are many wonders of the world.  Although officially, they only give credit to seven.  I’ll certainly agree those chosen are incredible.  But I’m asking: why stop at seven?!

This is pretty incredible and wonderous, is it not?!?  It is a sinkhole off the coast of Belize.  It is reported to be a 1/4 mile across and an incredible dive spot.  But it’s not one of “the seven” wonders.

And you know if they missed that one, they obviously have not even considered the wonders of MY world.  Nope, not a one.  Now being a very smart cat, I admit that relatively speaking, they are of lesser significance to the outside world….but to me?  Well ….they do indeed meet Webster’s definitions:

1 : a cause of astonishment
 : the quality of exciting amazed admiration
3 :
 rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one's experience

Note, there is no mention of a "wonder" having to be in a far away land.  Which is good since my adventures don't involve a whole lot of car time....thank goodness....car rides make me wheezy.So that would mean my wonders should count, yes?  

Anyway, in no particular order of tail fluffing significance, follow me, I’d like to share a few with you…

Number One

At least once a day, “she” herds all the wandering toys back to the toy basket – land of all things good and catnip smelly.  And 6 out of 7 mornings, she finds this:

Just how many times can this evil mouse be hunted and die?  This mouse has far exceeded my nine lives, that much is for sure.  And while he may be a little rough looking from the hunt, apparently he is immortal.  I hope he’s not one of those vampire mousies….or maybe it's a zombie mouse!  .I may not sleep so well anymore…..

Number Two

Hard to recognize I know, but this is a birdhouse.  A functioning house for wayward bluebirds.  Has to be wayward and down right desperate blue birds.  I mean I think it should have fallen off the light pole probably about two years ago.

Thought for sure this was the year.  Blue birds build nest.  Lay eggs.  Eggs hatch.  Babies grow…..if they grow too much I’m certain the bottom will fall off or the sides simply drop off as the little ones expand. 

But it doesn’t happen.  How is this possible?!?  And why would any normal bird even consider building a home in that broken down old box? See why I call it a “wonder”.  Truly.

Number Three

This is Grammie's hand.  And this is Ralphie's paw.

Ralphie is NOT a dog.  Ralphie is a cat.

A VERY large cat.  So do tell....just how big can a cat get?  Ralphie is 20 pounds. And no fat.

Started out as two small cute little fluff balls.  Don’t we all?  Well cats and pups that is.  Forget humans.  They start out as lizards.  At least that’s what Dad says. 

And will you look at this tail?!?  It’s as wide as his body! 

His brother Alphie is only 16 pounds.  ONLY?  C’mon now I’m a healthy strapping fellow at 13 pounds.  I’m thinking that maybe someone pulled a fast one on Grammie and Granddad.  They only *think* they adopted a couple of cats.  I’m voting they are really dogs masquerading as cats.  The proof:  Ralphie eats Cheetos, BBQ, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and just about anything that doesn’t move quick enough.  Only dogs eat like that right? 

If they are NOT dogs, then I’m thinking I may have not gotten my full share when they were handing out substance and fluff.  

So work with me here…..they are dogs.  

That just look like cats. 


Curious about the other four wonders of my world? Stop by again soon.......


Aoife.Troxel said...

There was once a chipmunk that loved to live. Our cats caught him over and over and we saved him from their torment over and over, and released him. Yet he came back again as a toy over and over.
The last time, we shooed the cats away from him and looked down sadly at his limp little body. His eyes were closed. He just lay there as we moved closer.
The he jumped up! Scared us half to death, but he escaped.
One of those same cats loved spaghetti. We also had one who loved oatmeal. Really loved oatmeal.
Do wonders follow cats, or do cats chase down wonders? Either way, they often come as a pair.
Looking forward to more wonders Romeo :)

Julie Marie said...

Oh Romeo, I love your wonders of the world! You are just adorable and I am sending BIG kitty kisses your way... love your little mouse in your bowl too... still some "playtime" left in him for some more cat and mouse games... looking forward to the rest of your wonders!... Meow!... Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Romie, you do such good work...you really need to write a book. Looks like Gramps need to make your birds a new birdhouse. :)
love and smooches, grammie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo you crack me up! I love the mouse that has seen many lives, but those dogs are huge! I don't believe they are cats either!!

cristinoel said...

I'm with you Romeo! hugs and kisses...nose to nose.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Romeo..I do so love stopping by for my daily dose of you!!! you make me giggle in wonder as to what you are up to...I had 2 cats that were about 20-25 pounds..both boys..but folks thought they were about to deliver..and they both loved to eat!! and eat..and eat..the 20 pounder named Bear bum had a serious sweet tooth..loved his desserts with mom or dad..he was not picky..loved whip cream and those pullaparts you make with pillsbury dough..we also have a little girl named Pody lynn..who is just about as fluffy and has the same big paws..she is a maine coon and only weighs 13 pounds..but it feels like more..she is solid..and she loves pizza, spaghetti you name it..she does love to drink milk from her mamas glass..and you would swear she was a dog as she kind of makes these weird barky noises when she is running through the house playing..and she leaves her toys in the water bowls too..we find "dead" mice and birdies all over the house...they love to play with them..i will have to send your mommy some photos of the kids eating.;) she will love them...I hope you are having a fabulous day..Please have mom give you a love for me..;)and some tasty tuna so you grow up big and strong like your brothers..:)

Gracie's Cottage said...

Oh Romeo, Romeo - I'm not usually a "cat person", (please don't be offended!), but YOU my dear, have won my heart with your winsome ways and wry sense of humor...you are one "k-e-w-l cat".


Unknown said...

I have been to the Taj Mahal. One of the "official" wonders of the world.
Call me crass, but I like your wonders much better!!!!!
Thanks so much for all your purrs and head bonkers. Sometimes they are just better than a hug!!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Romeo, I agree with the other blogger you need to write a book!!
Thank you for stopping by my place as you know.. meow casa es tu casa!! and you are welcome anytime. The cream is set out for you and a pile of napping comfort will await you in the baskets your napping choice.

We have one of the mama's kitty's babies that has made a wild home over here. We feed the little abandoned one and boy its a little wild one. Each day the little one will let us get a bit closer to it :) it comes around for food at night, so I am sharing your cream and gourmet pate' with it, and he or she loves it.
I will hope you come soon and have a cat talk with the little wild one and tell it we mean no harm to it, we just want to feed and love it.

Love your seven wonders, Next posting I want to hear about your nine lives :)
its a perrrr-fect day for visiting over here :)

see you soon Romeo, oh and dressed like cat? im not quite convinced :p

oldgreymare said...


Ralphie's parting shot is ah, how shall I say......an explanation point?


Romeo, dear Romeo, we love ya.


victorian parlor II said...


I'm with you on the wonder stuff! Let me tell you that the little orange mouse attached to the string and the pole that I hunt at night is truly a wonder (at least my mom says so). She says it's a wonder where he finds the thing in the mornings (I hunt it and then drag it around the house at night meowing the whole time and then I leave it in different places:). I find it a huge wonder that mom and dad are amused by the wierd things the dogs do. But my biggest wonder is why my mom keeps posting pictures on her blog about anything other than me? I mean, come on, is there anything better to photograph than me?

Can't wait to see the rest of the wonders old buddy.

Purrs and Meows,


BTW, your grannies' cats are just plain huge! Are you sure they're dogs in disguise and not the result of some sort of weird experiment to create a super cat?

Olive said...

Romeo, you are a mystic. olive

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Romeo, I adored your wonders of the world and the mouse. That mouse did look pretty worn down. He may only have a couple of more lives. So glad you stopped by for a visit. Hope to hear from you again soon.
Hugs, Pat


Where for art though Romeo? ask the 14 furry kids in SE Ohio. We just loves your adventures!

Herky, Zack, Swiffer, Fritzie, Aslan, Boa, Cheddar, Bea, Honey, Jack, Tang, Gray C., Nova, and Bisky.

Catherine said...

LOL ~ I am liking your wonders of your world Romeo! The mousey in the cat dish every morning is hilarious. I wonder how it always gets there? ;)

Hope you have a great week!
xo Catherine