aDRESSing a few concerns

So what the heck -- a blog post twice in one week?!?

Hey, a cat's gotta make good on the promise to post about things that don't bite....and I had an extra nap today while "she" worked on moving things around in the trailers.  Just watching her wore me out! I'm telling you, sometimes my life is just pure exhaustion!

And then add to that a recent concern I've expressed.  One that I've been on "her" tail about.

As in how about some better pictures?!?

I mean c'mon admit it...."her" pictures.....

well....if you've been with me prior to this post.....perhaps you've noticed too....well......they suck

There I said it.

And nothing fell on my tail. 

Accidently or otherwise.

So last night I ate "her" ice cream. Yep, licked the bowl dry before the spoon was even out of the drawer. Obviously, I didn't need a spoon to eat "her" ice cream.  But the fact that "she" needed a spoon....well it gave me just enough time to plow through it like the road crew on the first day of snow!

So when "she" turned around, I did what any cat (or sensible dog) would do.

I *burped* and then proceeded to tell her I would gladly sacrifice myself and do it again if "she" didn't start producing some better quality photos.  I mean c'mon even my charm won't make up for a blog with sucky photos.

So my ice cream tactic worked.  Well sort of. 

Quality? Um. Maybe. Better.

If nothing else they will serve as proof when I send her off for "assistance".  I mean you gotta know someone with this many vnitage clothes surely needs help of some sort.

Remember the tutu I modeled some time back?!? I mean c'mon you gotta admit that is NOT normal behavior.  And I think I was traumatized.  I mean my hind end must have itched for thirty minutes after I chewed that thing off!

And now this.  Look at all these child's clothes, will ya?!  And this is only a fraction of all of them.  Heck, "she" probably has enough to cloth all the children in your city!

Yes, this is a child's wardrobe, armoire or whatever you want to call it.  I call it, the closet of horrors.  There are wayyyyyyy too many dresses in there for my liking.  Sometimes, when I'm laying in the studio I could swear I hear them taunting me.  As if that dress form isn't enough to make my fur stand on end. Seriously.  If that door ever opens on it's own, I am so OUT OF HERE!

And those boots?! Yeah, like I haven't read Puss In Boots.

And like "she" isn't always admiring my rear chops a few too many times.  Seriously, do you have pictures of your dog or cats back end? No, didn't think so.

I'm telling you, "she" is certainly sizing up my rear end and making plans for those boots!

So I'm working on a plan to foil "her" dress-up-the-Romeo plans.  I just haven't figured out what it is yet.  But when I do....well let's just say that I am in no way gonna get caught in some dress.  Or boots.  Or anything of the sorts.  Even if it is old and stylish.  I'll keep my look natural, thank you very much! 

Anyone need vintage child's dresses for their dog?  You know, as a chew toy for the coming Holiday Season.....


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Romeo, if its any consulation..I think you have a very cute bumb..one I would love to give lots of love too..and I think I can help you on the chew toys..Tucker needs some new toys..so toss some of those dresses my way..but don't tell your mama..:)have a wonderful Friday and give your mom a hug from me okay:)

NanaDiana said...

OMG! I SOOO needed this post today. Romeo-I love your tail/tale~You just make me smile right out loud for the day...I even love your crazy owner. We gotta get her out in blogland more~ She is almost as funny as you are~ Hugs from your WI friend- Diana

The Feathered Nest said...

Ohmygoodness Romeo...I hate to say it honey but your behind is NOT what I'm noticing in this last photo...I think that would be called a GUT!!! I just love kitty bellies!!! I'm so in love with your dress form Deborah...and those clothes, GORGEOUS!!! I hope you're doing great girl, hugs and love, Dawn

stefanie said...

you would look adorable!!!!!
and I love!!! all those vintae dresses and the boots!!! just give them a try!

Anonymous said...

ha to funny.Romeo your the best LOL.lol@ his face on the banner,he looks just like my 3 year old cat ha.Loveee the clothes so precious.Nice seeing you, its been a while.

Have a great weekend, you too Romeo you gorgeous kitty ;) lol.

Lululiz said...

My dear Romeo, I so share your suspicions about those boots, and those dresses, SHE is planning something for you. Psst, listen carefully, I think you need to sneak into that big wooden thing with all those spooky clothes and do some sorting out, you know, just a little playful rearranging.......... ahem, don't let HER read this though, otherwise I am for it!

Darned nice collection, btw.

oldgreymare said...


The blog and photos are looking great. Coming out of the funk is working : D

Romeo, behave...or Howie will chase you into a boot!


Unknown said...

c'mon now, kitty cat.
Animals are for dressing up, silly.
I personally don't need vintage children's clothing, but I would give a pretty penny for that fabulous mannequin!

victorian parlor II said...


Oh my whiskers! Your mom seems to have a similar addiction to my mom! My mom spent today showing people her bloomers (yup you read it right-something about showing people what Vicrorian women used to wear). Like who cares what kinda underwear people who lived a hundred years ago wore? Anyway, at least your mom has the outer garments in her wardrobe my mom has a wradrobe full of old underwear! At least my mom isn't dressing me up yet-of course I am the master of hiding beneath her hoops (more of that underwear stuff)!

Purrs and meows,


Burlap Luxe said...

Romeo, Have you never heard of puss-n-boots! I am sure you would look dapper in them. And my sweet Hannah use to dress her kitters in her doll clothes...Gowns a matter of fact, and did not hear kitters complaining while tripping over the length of the gown, as well as not being able to see through the night bonnet she was wearing so man up indulge her she let you have her cream.

We love seeing you fittingly dressed for a rare occasion. As you know I have not had the honor of your visits for awhile, what my cream is not good enough for you these days?

If you do come please dress for the occasion, put on your boots it is a bit wet with rain over here.

I am sending you a purrr-fect inventation to visit...Enter my Eco natural beauty GiveAway with a comment or two :)

Purrrr-fect see you soon.

PS. I think the photo's have always been beautiful! Why did she get a new camera! or does she want to get one?

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

love those vintage clothes!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh your just too funny Romeo, I have missed your humor for too long and "her" wonderful photos. I love Christmas, it was ment for me to find new things to play with, clim on, to re-arange, to bat about,,,I mean if they are going to dangle thingies that move. well,,you know what I mean.Have fun!
Miz Pennywinkle