toasting whiskers and wood

You know how excited I was that it snowed early Christmas morn??  And there was no doubt in my mind that it was a gift from the heaven's above.  But Christmas is over, I'm ready for Spring, and what's this -- now we've gotten 8 inches of the white stuff.

Purrsonally, I don't think this is quite so special anymore.  I mean let's do a reality check okay?  If you remember, I like to go outside for my daily constitutional.  Call it a nature thing or call it wanting a little privacy. Either way, it's what I do and it's part of my morning routine.

Except when there is snow on the ground, eight inches deep and my....ummm....pee-er part is only eight inches off the ground.  Do you see the problem this causes?!  I could end up peeing on myself! How disgusting.  Really! And I can promise you that I would be on my own, cleaning dirty snow off my chops.  Anyway, sorry I went wandering off topic....what'd you expect from a crazed cat?!??!

The point of all this explanatory stuff is that it is not possible for me to go outside for my morning duties if there is snow on the ground.  Therefore, it also means that  any daily adventures are also out of the picture.  So here I sit.  Inside. No adventures. No privacy. Too much snow.  That didn't melt on the first day.  Nor the second day.  And will probably be here tomorrow - the THIRD day.

Can you say b-o-r-e-d?!?! 

And after a lot of boredom, one gets downright.....weird or something akin to weird.....yeah, I went looking for an adventure INSIDE.  Oh, this is embarrassing.....I went looking for an adventure....inside and actually found one! Yep. Sure did.  Oh I amaze myself.  Although "she" called it an act of desperation.

No problem, call it what you will.  Because I can properly blame "her" for my lowered standard of adventure time.  Because it was "her" that started up the fireplace and the lure of warmth.  I could smell it from the other room......warmth!

Did you know that warmth has a  most pleasant smell?!?  I'm talking about winter warmth, not sweat your buns off summer heat.  Big difference! One is called sweet aromatic and the other....body odor.  Just that simple and not easily confused.  Trust me on this one.

If you've never smelled winter warmth, oh you are sooooo missing out.  If you have a fireplace, get a good fire going.  And wait.  One of us furry ones will be around shortly to check it out. And once our fur gets warm, oh there is nothing more comforting than a face full of warm sleepy fur! Seriously! You gotta try it!

Onward....the adventure begins here......check out these corbels will ya?!?  Yeah, over there on the side of the fireplace.... "She" thinks they are pretty cool.  I think they are okay but not wonderful.  Why? Because it's impossible to get a good angle on them for claw sharpening.  Too bad really, because at 47 inches, I sure could get a good stretch and file going. I'd probably have tiger claws! What a waste of good old chippy wood.

Look up there, on top of the mantle "she" has a couple more corbels.  Although, they are not really big enough to be useful to me, but "she" likes them and they make her happy, so I guess I won't knock them off there.

Besides there are a few more pairs scattered around and I think I would rather push one of those on the floor.  You know from someplace where there is more room to get in there and nudge or lean.  It's not that I'm fluffy, it's that the mantle is just too narrow and no sense in taking a chance of falling.  That could be ugly.

But check out the front of the fireplace...now here we have a piece with great potential.  "She" leaves it on the hearth when the fireplace is not in use (I made "her" put it back for photo purposes).  A weakness for antique floor grates displays well in the coal holder.  Purrsonally, I think it would be better empty so that I could nap inside of it.  I would fit.

I think.


Okay, maybe not.  But I do know that Matilda would fit in there.  And if I could entice her to sleep in the coal bin, then I could have the best seat in the house......which is....the office chair, right next to the fireplace!

Is this me? NO! It's Matilda! But it should be me!!!
Seriously?!?  An office with a fireplace?!?  Not sure how "she" managed to pull this off, but "her" office was the den.  For many years now, it has been "her" office.  Don't you think it should be mine?!?!!  Me too....which is why I'm going to stay here.....maybe I can claim squatters rights or something......maybe I'll just hack up a furball on "her" chair.  Do you think that would do it???? Yeah, maybe I should think on this one....I'll get back with you later....right after my nap........


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Romeo..I am sorry you aren't able to go out and "do your thang"..and I love that fireplace you get to sleep by..love the kittys that are inside of it..never seen those before..;) our kittys love to snooze by the fire..and they all have their spots too;) I have a sleeping baby on my lap as we speak..she is my blogging buddy..you would find Miss Millie very fetching;) she is a little petite calico with long fur..she is a feisty one though.;) have a wonderful wednesday and tell your mama hi for me.:)

Catherine said...

Snow really does lose it's appeal after awhile doesn't it?

I wish I had a warm and cozy fireplace like you!

Keep warm sweet kitty!
xo Catherine

NanaDiana said...

Oh, Romeo-I love coming here and reading your posts- You just make my day. I can "see" things just the way you see them. You are a pretty darned good writer...and I love the way your purrfect little mind works.

If "she" ever gets tired of you I'll give you the best bed in the house at my place- just sayin....
Hugs- Diana

Olive said...

Dear Romeo, Clovis and I have cabin fever also. It is cold and iced over here in Georgia. Clovis went outside for about 5 minutes today for the first time in two days. He is bored also. He enjoys a nice fire too. At least you have othet cat company, clovis only has me. Stay strong Romeo. Your Mama's grates are gorgeous.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Romeo! I'm sorry you couldn't go out and play! I'm sure you like to run around outside you can keep that very handsome physique of your!!! Oh well, at least by staying in you were able to share with us the wonderful architectural goodies "she" has displayed.
I sure would love to see the rest of the room as I'm sure it is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Romie, I know this snow is no fun, however, you can dream about the spring coming, as we know it will, while you are toasting your whiskers in front of the fireplace. Stay warm. luv, grammie

Unknown said...

Oooooh. I will say this is where Miss Party has one up on you. Being a dog, and being in snow just amps up the party. I can't say she's been in it more than twice, but both times she had a BLAST. And didn't even mind the daily constitutional part in the cold. go figure.

Now, I cannot say I have ever seen cats in the fireplace. I'm glad you love "her" so much that you know you are safe and not going to be a replacement anytime soon.

And I love, love, LOVE all the old chippy stuff on and around the mantel. Mine looks pretty dull and boring after Christmas. Pretty pathetic, really. But this weekend it's supposed to be 74 degrees. WHAT? Then I get out of the mood to put "winter" on my mantel.

Thanks for listening to the ramble....

Gracie's Cottage said...

Tsk-tsk Romeo old buddy...here's a "wee" suggestion for you: have "her" get the shovel and make a little path thru the snow for you - I personally like a figure eight arrangement. (Course I'm old and that way I can travel it over and over without remembering that I've been there before.) One shovel wide is enough for moseying, but at random intervals have her scoop away a bit more - kind of a scenic pullover spot for you. There you can do your, (a-hem), 'chores', without messing up your pretty 'highway'. Works wonders for me here in the frozen North. Best of luck to you my old pal.
Your canine friend,

Barbara Jean said...

Such a fun post.
Personally, I love all those corbels, whether they are big enough to scratch on or not.
And those grates? Oh my word!! LOVE them. Totally useless to your I'm sure, but oh so perfect for us rust/shabby loving humans.

Thanks for your visits to my place, and such cute note.

blessings and good scratchin' wood to you!

barbara jean

Burlap Luxe said...

You are so bored??? No! not you my dear!! I am sure you are up to something that she has to keep her eye on you about.

The corbals excite me over here, I love great junk! it is a treasured find for me. Go ahead scratch all you want Romeo it will age and distress them even more. I have to mention I love all her aged treasures, they are Purrr-fect!!

See you later Romeo, if you feel the need for a visit I will have warm cream waiting to warm your furry self up.

Have a beautiful week-end

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie!!!! I'm so glad to see that you all are staying so warm and cozy! Good grief girl, I'm so in love with all your cool corbels and grates...but I have always loved your taste Deborah! I need to visit Antiques at Old Town, I would love to see your space and poke around again! I hope you have a great weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Rebecca said...

Romeo, I know winter is long and the snow has just begun at least here... Feb is the longest month for being such a short one. Here in Chicago we have to shovel to get out the door :)
Although this year I am embracing this down time, it feels good to just stay home... with a good fire. I am lov'in those iron grates, and the corbels aren't so bad either! Out of all the killer corbels I have sold, I haven't kept any for me-and now they are so hard to find.
Stay warm ROmeo

Anonymous said...

I wrote a letter to our weatherman and arranged to have our unwanted snow delivered to Remmington in MinneSNOWta. I think he may need to be reminded though.
I agree that you deserve the best office and best seat in the house. You work very hard at it, approving decorating and overseeing all that "she" does.
Maybe leaving her a present in the chair (I am thinking a dead mouse, perhaps) or some toys (pull tissues or foil wrappers out of the trash) on the chair. Mark your turf!

victorian parlor II said...


Wow-you have a real fireplace! My mom has a fake one-just an old mantel she picked up at a thrift shop. The only thing it's good for is exploration. You know the type of exploration where you get up on the chair beside the fake mantel, perch your front feet on the corner of the mantel and knock off the antique candlesticks. Yup, that's the extent of my being warmed by the fireplace. Once mom finished chasing me around the house yelling I was pretty warm! Lucky for me the thing didn't break or I think she might have blown a gasket or something. BTW, my mom is still drooling over all the architectural scratching post things that your mom has around the house.

Purrs and meows,


Unknown said...

I am thinking my kitties are spoiled.. It's not even that cold here in Vegas and they run outside and shake there little heads and run right back in.. They think it's to cold to be outside.. We don't even have any snow!

I hope it all melts soon and you can go back to playing out doors!

Hugs, Linda

Róisín said...
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Róisín said...

Aw, you poor wee pussy cat! I know what you mean, we had inches and inches of snow for about six weeks and while I keep thinking I want it to come back again (instead of the icy rain we have now) when I remember back it really wasn't that wonderful at all. It's too bloody cold to fully enjoy it! I hope it clears up soon so you can get out exploring and doing cat things :) In the meantime, take advantage of all the indoor snuggling time!

Sharon said...

I love your blog! My kitty has been confined to the house for most of the winter and she's restless too. She loves her "adventures" outside and sleeping in the sunshine.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi ya Romeo!
Hey at least you "can" get out,,,I am locked in...forever. "She" thinks I will get hurt or something. Once, she opened the door and there was a racoon,, I took after it so fast I didn't realize what I had done, but I was "out"....kinda freeky really. When I realized what happend I got back in very fast. I spend alot of time near the vents and on the bed, and anywhere I darn please. Acutally I have it pretty good,toys, catnip, an ocassional bug crosses my path now and again, lovely windows, and her lap is squishy and warm.IT could be worse....
Miz Pennywinkle

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you Romeo - it is a crime when you can't go out and do your requisite morning damage, err quest. Raphael does not go out because we live in the woods and too many dangers that are bigger than him. He does however, have a nice puffy bed next to his own space heater right in front of the big sliding glass doors that look out onto the glass enclosed attached porch! He can watch the comings and goings of every critter from the comfort of his bed, yup he doesn't even have to get up!
We have about 36 inches of snow now so it is beyond both his and my amusement.
Stay toasty by that yummy fireplace and give "her" our regards,
Raphael and his mom, Beth

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh my heart goes out to you Romeo. I'd like to say I understand but for some crazy reason our cats still want to go out ~ snow or no snow, go figure!
Here's to a speedy Spring arrival ~

Anonymous said...

Dear Romeo,
Raphael here from elizabethstudio54, you know that artsy fartsy, errr uhmm, very sophisticated artist site where my mom continually blathers, err, writes stuff about her junk, uhh, art to total strangers. Yeah, I know your mom has one too, what's a cat to do? Anyway, I wanted to apologize to you because I was snooping around her laptop this afternoon and found a post that you sent to me (back in July for cryin out loud), not her but to me and she never told me about it! Geesh, all that training I have put into her...anyway you were telling about the weather not being so bad where you are, and here I am waiting for another 2 feet of that stinkin' white stuff to arrive...but I digress. You commented that I probably couldn't even count on a descent mouse in that bad weather. Actually, you should come over sometime, I live in a converted barn, emphasis on barn, that is over 100 years old so the place is stuffed to the gills with mousies! I even brought her and her spouse his and her mousies just the other morning so they shouldn't go without a descent meal - so my friend the mousing is quite good. Come over anytime and we'll have a mousing party.
Warmest regards,
Raphael, and OK, my mom Beth helped some with spelling questions.

DogsMom said...

Think of you today. Happy Groundhog's Day!
We got an extra 12" of snow overnight. Even the Big Dogs say it is enough.

Burlap Luxe said...

HaPpY VaLeNtInE day Romeo my dear one :)

Please tell "her" I am sender her Valentine Love as well :)


Jill said...

Hi there Romeo! I discovered your blog while I was hopping around. What a handsome guy you are! Love your picture in the header. Hopefully spring will come soon so you can visit the great outdoors again. purrs...

oldgreymare said...

Oh Romeo I have missed you. My "she " has been uber busy and then got hit with some health issues that made it difficult to use her hands.So she was kinda grumpy and frustrated and very little petting going on! She seems to be doing better and getting back on the ball. About time I Say!! I have ears that need a good scratching...WOOF


oh and tell your her to PLEASE put her email in her profile so we can talk easily...

Diane said...

I've missed you Romeo. I hope that you and "her" are both well.

Rebecca said...

Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo? I miss you! I hope all is well and you are just busy. I have not been blogging much while in Az so am trying to catch up a little. Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Blessings to you

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Romeo, Your snow story is just too much. I feel your pain! And I envy you the lovely warm spot in front of the fire. She certainly has interesting collections. It makes for interesting prowling, I'm sure. Hang in there, Spring will be here soon and you'll be able to resume your old habits.

Cindy said...

I came across your blog and it made me smile. I love the pictures of your cat in front of the fire, so sweet! Reminds me of my cat, Maggie, I had as a child.
I look forward to reading more of your blog!