the dead living room come back to life

Also known as the "living room redo". You know the one I mentioned in the last post? You may not remember - that was after all a MONTH ago! Yeah, I know, but remember "she" is old and moves slow in comparison to me. Poor thing. "She" claims there's not been the time to turn on the computer so that I could post. Um, sure.....seriously?!?

But I won't complain - I am still fed well and the living room is looking better. Almost like someone lives here.

Yes, there is still the matter of the furniture. For now the cushions are turned over so that "she" doesn't have to look at the modern multi-colored pattern. Most definitely not my style. Nor "hers". So that only leaves one person who could possibly have liked it. Don't worry Dad, I won't tell them it was you.

No matter. Eventually, they will be gone and I will have something else to lounge on. They just haven't found the perfect pair of chairs and love seat, but the search is still on.

The rooms in this house are rather small and the living room is no exception, therefore the furniture will have to be smaller than a bus. A hard choice for "her" because "she" is partial to that big massive stuff. Probably why when buying for the tattered cat, the biggest and heaviest pieces are chosen. Should sign "her" up for FFAA - Fat Furniture Addiction Anonymous.

Anyway, rather than wait another lifetime to show you the totally finished living room, I thought I would share with you the major wall change. Here is a before picture, taken at Christmas time (duh right - like that tree would be there any other time):

Note too, on the picture above, the pattern on the sofa pillows....

And here is the living room today:

Yep, I know quite a difference. And you may not like it. That's okay. Really. "She" does "her" own thing and doesn't expect everyone or anyone for that matter to like it.

So knowing that, I have scattered some close up pictures of the vignettes throughout this post - hoping of course that will soothe your fur a bit. You know that theory that states 'small doses are easier to handle'.....because I wouldn't want you to leave me with your fur standing on end and whiskers all a whack.

As for when will the living room be finished?

Those of you who love to "fluff", you know that a room is never ever finished.....because there is always something that might look better over there and this over here....and oh I found a new piece of furniture.....those of you who don't "fluff", you get the picture right?

Hoping you are having a great week! It was beautiful here today - a purrfect day for sunning my whiskers and warming the pads of my toes!

P.S. - A special thank mew to all my new followers! I am honored and humbled that you have chosen to follow me. I am content, therefore I purr......


Diane said...

Romeo, you are living with one very creative and wonderful woman. You may not know it but every cat does not live like this. Some even have to sleep on the floor or worse yet - outside. You're one lucky cat! Your new digs are beautiful. Diane

Unknown said...

Romeo the room is lovely and has lots of places for a cat to sleep or hide (dare we mention climb?)

Mark said...

Hey, I like the room. And believe me, I don't have to say that.
I wish I could decorate without having to worry that one of my kids would knock something over.
Great photos by the way!

NanaDiana said...

Romeo-You tell HER that I think SHE did a good job with that room. It is purrrrfect. I love HER sense of style and her chippy old bits and bobs. I don't think the couch looks bad at all...what's wrong with it? You are lucky that SHE lets you use her computer at all-after all if you are using your paws on the keys we all know that just beforehand you were scratching around in the litter box!;>)

Hope you have a great Wednesday and I am so glad to see you AND HER here today! Watch out for the leprechauns, Romeo- They love to play tricks on cats! xo Diana

Laura S Reading said...

I think your mom has excellent taste and I wish I lived closer so we could play, err, I mean rearrange... vignettes together.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I always enjoy your posts and have missed you. SHE has done a wonderful job of making the living room interesting and fabulous! I do know that a room is NEVER done! Charlie thinks change is awful but he lives with me so what can he do. Big purrs to you!

Antiques In Old Town said...

Love what SHE has done.... it is PURRFECT! Loved seeing her this last weekend... Sorry about that left behind bag..opps Can I meet you at lakewood 400 and bring it to you ?

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Romeo!! I love the new look of your blog!!! It is puuurrrrfectly fabulous! Please tell "her" that the room is coming along great. "She" has some wonderful pieces that I am totally jealous of!!! Enjoy your bask in the sun! A big snuggle hug to you and sweet smile for "her".

Olive said...

Tell her I love it and especially the big rusty fixture on the top shelf.

Cindy said...

Romeo, you have the most wonderful "mom", so talented, funny and caring. I think "she" did a fab job on the living room! love all the special touches, lots of textures, objects and cool stuff! Trixie sends her love....

Becky said...

Romeo Ive missed you too.Your mom is doing a great job on the living room.Meow hugs to you!

cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...tell your mom that she did good!! The room looks great!!

Carole said...

Wow you have been busy! I love all the vintage pieces that give the room such character.
I have FFAA too but only suffer from that in our living room mostly.


Catherine said...

And even if you get one room renovated, then it's time to start another! Ha! Looking good!

We are having some fantastic weather here - it feels like spring! I love it!

xo Catherine

victorian parlor II said...


Wow, all that fluffing going on at your place and mine too! Mom actually took the time to redo the decor a couple of weeks ago (like she doens't already have enough to do)! I managed to stay out of her way but I haven't been able to get control of the computer lately to post. It was hard enough posting a comment here. Shhh! I think I hear her coming! I better run. Watch out that 'she' doesn't fluff you by mistake!

Purrs and meows,


Jane said...

I love your living room redo! It's a fabulous, eclectic look that seamlessly incorporates all your treasures. Very yummy colours :)

Tanya said...

Well, the room ROCKS, floral pillows and all!!! Some very cool stuff happening there. Happy Friday - Tanya

Bohemian said...

Well I'm Loving 'her' transformation... and I Hope that she 'scores' the perfect furniture. I too am a massive sized Furniture addict & that has posed a problem since the House is almost 100 years old and they didn't use massive pieces in those days apparently... given the cozy size of the rooms and narrow doorways anyway?! *LOL* Right now I'm using throws to disguise the problem furniture issues... but Hope to reupholster them in my Dream Vision very soon... I HOPE... the G-Kids are getting big enough not to destroy everything and we no longer have a housecat... oops sorry... well, you know what I mean, you guys RULE whatever roost you're in! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Unknown said...

Stunning change, my friend. Good things come to those that wait!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,
Haven't stopped by for a bit and see you almost have unrecognizable new diggs! Wow, "she" did a fab job, I like, I like, but can't let my Mom see this cause' then she will start with the moving things around and I have just gotten comfy with the current arrangement!! Hope you are starting to see some spring in your parts...it's still winter here in New Hampshire, why my Mom and Dad moved me here I will never understand...any way gotta run I think I just saw a mouse...
Raphael and my Mom

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Romeo,
She sure has a way with junky vignettes-I love them all! Those old books and the rusty stuff! That typewriter! Bliss...! BTW, Snuggles says HI!

Maureen said...

Awesome place, Romeo! A new follower here and I have also added your blog to my blog list... gotta make sure not to miss a post from now on!

I adore your place; both online and IRL. ;)

Cindy said...

hey Girl! Just checking in with you, hope you and Romeo are doing well! Trixie is a little under the weather, but recovering nicely!
Have a good day! xo Cindy

Rustique Gal said...

Goodness, Romeo!
She has been busy, I'd say! Things are looking good and I love all the sweet vignettes. The old coverless books intrigue me. Can I do that with old Readers Digest Condensed books?
I love the covers, but the insides-not so much. Have a happy week!
Hugs, Sherry

Kayleigh Lackey said...

I really love rustic theme in my room that is why i really love to collect old furniture and also if my friends got some old damaged furniture i will buy it from them and do some "DIYs" to revive the furniture.

Dotti said...

Hi Romeo,
Your blog entries are like little pearls in oysters............you never know when you are going to find one. They only appear every now and then, but hey...........life does get in the way. Love you and "her."

Olive said...

Hi, Clovis is sleeping a lot but fine. He is under house arrest for a while however. Thanks for checking on him. He is 14 years old and thinks he can fight like a youngster. olive