Christmas. Really?

I have to say it....she's not much into Christmas.  Nothing really new.  But purrhaps a bit less this year.  Seems every year the stores bring out the Christmas decor earlier and earlier.  This year they bumped up the Black Friday events even sooner. While it's been commercialized for some time, we both feel it's getting much worse.  This year store employees are told to come in and work before their turkey has had a chance to digest.  Add to that the ugly reality of how they whip up the shopping frenzy so much that people trample, injure and plain old put on their meanie-butt faces for the event.  Really?

Me thinks this is not promoting a proper Christmas spirit.  Further I think it seems for too many the spirit of giving is taken too far when the peeps think that in order to have a worthy Christmas, one must have the best of what is available on the market for their wee little ones.  And if the quantities are limited well by gosh, let's go kick some tail.  We will get THAT gift that will outshine anything rich Grandma Myrtle could buy.  And each year has to outdo the last. Really?

So what's a cat to do when most of the Christmas decorations are up and though she worked many, many hours on pulling it together, she is still dragging her tail around the house without too much Christmas enthusiasm???  Heck the tree is up and I haven't heard the first Christmas song being sung!

I tell you what's a cat is to do???

The cat becomes purrsuasive and subliminal....

and you post the lyrics to songs on my blog so she can't miss them!  I mean she is always checking up on me here, seeing if I'm being good or up to no good.  Can you imagine?!  S'okay, I"ve invented a new use for blogging AND this will work to my advantage!   

Yep, is this a plan or what?!  I tell you sometimes I amaze myself with my intelligence and purrspective! 

So without further warning here we go......

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas; 

Soon the bells will start,

And the thing that will make them ring
 is the carol that you sing

Right within your heart.

What'd ya think?!?  Potential purrhaps?  

Now try and get that song out of your head MOL 
Well at least until  next time when we sing you a different song! 

You didn't really think we'd stop there did you?!?


Sarah Flight said...

I've heard a lot of Americans online complaining about Black Friday and Christmas, it makes me really happy to be from the UK lol. I am so into Christmas this year! Can't wait! Though my decorations don't go up until it is actually the festive season ;) (2 weeks before Christmas day)

NanaDiana said...

Romeo- It looks like she has spirit whether she wants to or not. How could she NOT have it with you there sPURRRRing her on? I'd say, "It's beginning to look a lot like CATmas everywhere you go...and now I will be humming that song ALL day long! Thanks a lot. I knew I should have waited until later to read this!;>)
Scritches and love- Diana

Thespa said...

Such lovely decorations! And I already had that song stuck in my head from the radio on the way to work lol. Hugs!

Diane said...

It looks like "she" has a lot of Christmas spirit at least in all the beautiful decorations. And "she" has you and you are helping a lot - I just know that!. I totally agree with her. This year I got so turned off by everything. No Thanksgiving between ballgames, turkey trots (not the kind you would like - people running)and people not even taking the time to really think what they're thankful for. And then ...on to Christmas before we even had time to finish the rest of the cranberry sauce. I'm rebelling too, Romeo. I've had enough.

I'm sure that because of the way "she" feels you will have a much richer Christmas. Scratches and loves. Diane

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo, we here agree with you about the craziness of commercial Christmas. We don't participate in it at all! We enjoy our decorations, keep the happy thoughts of the season and get the Grandson a few gifts but do not overdo!
Charlie and Mr Toes are waiting for the tree to go up (well Charlie loves laying under the tree with the lights on). This will be Mr Toes first Christmas with us and I'm hoping he just looks but doesn't touch...what are my chances? Anyway keep singing those Christmas Carols and she will get in the spirit I tell ya!

"it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

Linda, Charlie and Toesy

Unknown said...

Hi Romeo-
Our Mom is pretty sick of this
"New Christmas" too. She says Christmas is Christmas-leave it
alone but no such luck!
We'll just have to help our humans through it all.

oldgreymare said...

Those who participate in the madness..WANT TO.... as for me? give me a good book and some cocoa<3

cynthia lee designs said...

Very pretty decorations!! I always try to stay away from that crazy madness on Thanksgiving Weekend. I had my Christmas show then and it was so wonderful...just very kind customers shopping there.

Carla said...

My mom made us participate in a triathalon on Black Friday! We snoozeed, ate, and lounged all day. And she even gave us extra petting. She thinks Black Friday is silly so this is our new tradition. Millie & Sam

Maggie said...

Romeo, you have it right. The best way to get in the spirit is to just dive right in! Pretty soon "she" will be feelin' it! Never mind all the commercial hoopla (a more polite word than the one I was thinking). My Oliver has been after me to put up some decorations he can play with. . . er "take charge of" that is. Of course he's too "dignified" to play!

Bohemian said...

I'm in Agreement with 'her'... we try to keep Christmas Simple and with the Spirit it should promote and the Meaning intact of why we're Celebrating this Holy Day. That said, I am Enchanted by Decor for every Holiday and so I don't mind so much that its put up early so I can enjoy and revel in it longer... I just wish that the Joy of the Season were more apparent in the Hearts, Spirits and Faces of every person that IS actively Celebrating Christmas. It is disheartening when it is not... or when someone professes not to be a Believer and yet they are still Celebrating Christmas??? Curious.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Cindy said...

I agree with her too! Too much Christmas commercialization too soon!
But, how can you not be in the Christmas spirit with all that beautiful Christmas decor around! That has inspired me to put up a few more things.

Trixie sends mistletoe kisses Romeo!

xo Cindy

(love the MOL!) ha ha