post show horrors

Sometimes when she returns from a show, she becomes a no-show.

How's that you may ask.  Well being older than dirt and dinosaurs, she is quite simply about as good as what you find in my litter box.  If you need a photo, leave me your email and I'll send you one.  A picture that is. Not the litterbox contents.

Anyway, so as I was saying..... it may take a few days to get back into the daily order of life and responsibilities.  Things like remembering it's time for my snacks, plumping up my bed, fixing my dinner, and other such critical matters.

This time however, things were different when she got home.  Her show space was outside and included (at no extra charge) rain during set up on Thursday.  Storms were rolling in Friday evening which meant that some of the merchandise was put back in the trailer, the tent lowered and everything else sheltered as much as possible.  During the night, a generous thunderstorm left 3 1/2 inches of rain during Friday evening and early Saturday morning.  Saturday arrival was a very pleasant challenge.  Rain drenched merchandise due to a collapsed canopy on the tent.  The recovery time of approximately 2 hours needed to remove water from everything.

So you can fairly presume (notice I didn't use the word "assume") that I needed to go into hiding before she returned home.  No, I am not a coward, simply a very smart feline.  Indeed!

To my great surprise, she was still functional and went right to work cleaning the screened in porch.  Pulling the garden hose in and moving furniture out.  To the driveway and deck.  I suspect that if the driveway display had been more appealing, we probably could have had a sold out garage sale.  Instead, I believe I saw several cars speed up.  No doubt for fear that something might jump out in front of them from our driveway.  Can't say I blame them. (Sorry, no photo...some things just should not be shown for fear of liability from shock, heart attacks and other such mental trauma induced ailments)

After two days of cleaning pollen, dust and unknown specimens of alien life from every surface on the porch, things began to take shape again.  A new.  Some things did not return into the porch, some did and there was even a new addition when the loveseat from the kitchen area was banished moved out there.

And this year, Halloween decor would make a comeback.  Last year, I sent her to the Country Living show in both Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia so Halloween didn't stop here.  This year however, out came boxes and bags and a bit of imagination that was still left after the show.  And here's what she accomplished.....

And....she added a little bit of Halloween inside the house too!

And if I wasn't already scared.... she took the time to make two handmade medallions.  Check out the black one below and the cat on the pumpkin in the following photo.

Okay, so now I've shown you a large part of what took place right after she returned home.  With energy.  And her mind intact.  Well at least a good percentage of what she left with (which isn't necessarily alot but...)  Is it any wonder at all, why my whiskers are trembling?!?!  I mean this is unprecedented!

And I was even thinking of placing an ad here, requesting a temporary vacation with any one of you wonderful souls.  But I needed to clear my mind as to find the right words so as to invoke great pity......

....... so I went for a walk through my catnip patch......

......and that's when the real horror hit me.  My catnip was gone!!!! Every last leaf and twig of it!!!!

.......She's been into my catnip!!!! 

.....certainly explains A LOT.....but no worries.....

.....that patch of catnip was still there because.....

....... I'd seen the neighbors dog in there. Standing on three legs......

.......now who's horrified.... MOL...... yes, a very smart feline indeed!


Diane said...

What revolting developments around your home, Romeo. Not even any catnip. We can only hope that "she" has figured something else out for you.

After what happened at the show I'm surprised that she had any energy but what a person you have there - she made you house look amazing and fun - yes, you'll get used to it! Just in time for trick or treaters!!!! Hugs to both of you, Diane

Blessed Serendipity said...

Love your spooky decorations and the kitty looks so cute - what catnip??

xo Danielle

The Old Parsonage said...

Love it all - you really did do a lot of decorating and it's all wonderful. I'm still working on it all, guess it will be more fall than Halloween specific.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Laura S Reading said...

There are tradeoffs. You lost the catnip but look at what SHE got accomplished!

cynthia lee designs said...

I love your Fall/Halloween decorating that you did. And I'm so happy that I got to meet you when you were here at the Flea Market!! Give Romeo a hug from me.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

When 'she' decorates it is always fabulous! The rain was not fun apparently..oh well Charlie is not a fan of the wet stuff either. Is 'she' going to Country Fair in Atlanta??

Purrs from Charlie and hugs from me!

Gwen Simmons said...

Love the decorations even if Romeo is slightly taken aback by it all. Such an awesome job, makes me tired just looking at it. Of course, I spent 6 hours cleaning the barn for our upcoming Halloween party yesterday. Still have to decorate. Thanks for the ideas.


Rebecca said...

Ooooooh... rain would have put me right over the edge. Sorry to hear that! I got back Sunday and I am still in minimum mode. Pampered myself today with a new cut and color, I was just too busy to take the time before the show, so I looked like something you drug in Romeo.
Your decorations look so festive, I really should throw a few pumpkins out here, my urns still have summers leggy petunia's in them :)

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh dear sound like a real nightmare having to set up a tent with the storm and rain and all! Nevertheless that indoor grave yard is just too cool! I love it and also everything about the beautiful birdcage, stove, old window and wire basket vignette!
Aw sweet er cough cough I mean smart (of course) Romeo I'd take you in anytime and hope Riley and you would like eachother! I have two big patches of cat nip in the garden, so there would be one for each of you, if Riley would share that is and oh well if only there weren't that great ocean between us, but you could certainly manage a virtual visit to see in what Halloween decor you'd had to live over here ;-)

Debra Taylor said...

Sorry your merchandise got soaked. And it looks like you are doing a great job cleaning up the porch.

Love your photos!

Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
Debby in Arizona

Dotti said...

Dearest Romeo,
Your person really had a tough experience. But I am sure that she is glad to be at home with you, so don't pout too much. But if she decides you need a little vacation, you are welcome to come stay with me for a while in Savannah, GA.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Oh Romeo, You are for sure one smart cat but I don't think you have to hide when you're Mom comes home stressed out. She probably relaxes the minute you hop onto her lap and start to purr. Just try that next time. If it doesn't work, you're always welcome to visit us. Cecil won't care as long as you don't try to play with him. He gets grumpy then. Barney might take you out to his favorite mouse hole place. You'll have a lot of fun watching and waiting. Just make sure you catch your own mouse. Barney won't let you eat one he had caught. If mouse is not your favorite dish though, we always have a variety of different cat food available. There are a lot of cozy sleeping places to relax for you and you're certainly welcome to sit on my or hubby's lap too.
Your Mom did a great job decorating for Halloween. The graveyard is awesome and I also love the antique oven with the birdcage and crow. The witch books with the skull make an adorable vignette. I see some black cats. When your Mom brings home some black hair dye one day, then it might be the right time for you to hide. Otherwise you might get incorporated in her Halloween decoration ;-).

Bohemian said...

Oh you always make me Smile Romeo with your way with words! I'm so sorry 'her' Show was rained out so badly... inclement weather + Outside Booths = disaster and ain't no fun! But, I do Love how she's Transformed Home Sweet Home into the Spirit of Halloween, Great Job! If that's what nibbling the Catnip accomplishes, I might have to get into Yul, Morris and Rusty's stash of it! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Cindy said...

Love "her" spooky decorations! I am sorry about all the bad weather at "her" show! I am sure she did terrific!
I am thinking you might need a new patch of catnip and by the look on your face, I think you feel the same!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I missed this post somehow. It's been so cold here I've been doing the space heater dance and not paying much attention to anything besides trying to keep my whiskers from freezing, which I'm sure you'll understand. Scary circumstances indeed but she seems to have rallied what with Halloween and all. Nasty ole dog... someone needs to teach him some manners, I mean seriously in your catnip patch?! Totally rude!!!
OK, off to read your latest post... my Mom sends you a pat on the head, yeah, I know but she's a good egg most of the time and spoils me rotten like she's supposed to so we have to overlook silly things like that!
Hugs to you and your Mom,
Beth and Raphael