Where Bloggers Create - our studio!

So if I don't blog much, am I still a blogger??? Not sure  if I'm still qualified to answer yes.  However, the creating part, we got that!  And since this is the party for "Where Bloggers Create", can we just pretend I am still a blogger?!?

Not a lot has changed in the studio, even the dust from last year is still there. Yep, sure is. Don't tell her I told you though.....

The blue cupboard is still there and in the same place.  At over eight feet tall, is it any wonder it hasn't moved? She did add some drawers to the bottom shelf to help with storage.  Took no time at all to fill those up!

And on top of this cabinet...

I suspect that doll buggy is meant for me. But I refuse to be caught in a doll buggy.  Yes, even I have my limits.  I purrfur to think that she ran out of room to put it and had to go up when decorating.  I mean that is a reasonable thought right? You do use every square inch of space in your studio don't you?!? Humor me okay?

Looking at the picture below....this cart was here last year.  However, the paint caddy, the bird cage and the children's books have all been relocated here within the past year.

Next year though, I can promise you the white cart won't be there.  It will be moving out as soon as she has time to clean and move in a recent find.

No birds in this cage!

A find that was purchased on a buying trip a couple of weeks ago.

During a buying trip for the business.

Really?  Purrhaps I need to be more suspicious of her "business" activities too.  Probably bought the new piece with my cat snack money too.  I'm telling you, I take a few short naps and *poof* she's out of control. Again.

Next to the boys, is the white cabinet that looks grey in this picture..... but it's white. Really.

The bottom of this cabinet is full of wonderful supplies for jewelry making and mixed media.  Storage in this studio is important.  Very important as she has about a bazillion different creative interests with an equal or greater number of supplies to match.

That's why there are lots of cabinets, all with plenty of storage space.  Here's another one (shown below) with loads of storage and full of paper crafting supplies.  It's a wonder this one hasn't fallen through the floor. If ever the day comes and I hear even the smallest *creak* I will be setting a new world's land speed record while removing myself from the vicinity of this one.... it won't be pretty when it happens!

And on top of this cabinet....

Old boxes, suitcases and books!  Hmmm.....I just realized there is no room on top of this cabinet either! Is there some kind of Romeo sabotage going on here that I don't know about?!?!

Then there is this wardrobe that holds her collection of vintage and antique children's clothes, nature collections, a few bears.....just checking to be sure you are paying attention and hadn't dozed off.

told you there were bears in the wardrobe....

...on top you'll find antique linens waiting to be made into something wonderful.

Or maybe just to be collected as some are very old and the scissor hand starts shaking at the thought of the first cut.

Purrsonally, I'm still hoping for a chance to get up there and knock them all off on the floor.  Well maybe not all of them, I wouldn't mind a bit of a cushion while I nap.  And you know I'd have to do that!!! But it's full with no place to land should I decide to jump.

Yes, I am becoming quite suspicious of her decorating style....could she actually be smarter than I think?!?

If only I could get up on that wardrobe.  I mean look at how high up I'd be - I could then see all those places just waiting for my paw to work it's magic!!!  Yeah, I know, but a cat can dream right?!?  And, will you look at the industrial rolling workstation.... that never rolls from it's current location....see all that stuff on there!?!  It's enough to make my whiskers quiver with adventure-wreaking- havoc anticipation!

The ladder next to it also has wheels, but they don't roll so well anymore, so it stays where it's at and provides inspiration.

For both of us.

But for different reasons of course...

Now something that has changed..... remember the desk she found last year? Come to think of it, she was at a show, supposedly selling...... I am seeing a pattern here..... anyway, remember this one?

All nice and rusty!! With plenty of lounging space for me.  Or Tessa who is notorious for photo bombing pictures.  This piece worked well for me and yes, I admit I was happy to have this new addition.  And then she started cluttering it up with her stuff. How could she have missed the fact that this was my piece, for me!?!
I did not give her permission to put her art journal here!
Well she obviously didn't get the memo! Because she added two antique french screen doors on each side and a door on top to bridge them together.  But wait, purrhaps it was finally a place just for me to stretch out and nap.  Unmolested from my siblings and her smooching lips!

Was this really for me?!  Did she finally see the light?!

You already know the answer to this don't you?

The answer became more than obvious when she added dead vines, chandelier prisms, a birds nest and a frame! Oh the horror!!! Then she told me it was a prototype for the upcoming show.  And besides it allowed her to be creative.

Seriously?! More like a serious mess of weeds for me to get tangled in. I'm thinking this creative thing is getting in the way of proper naptime places.  It's enough to get my whiskers all bent and twisted.

you'll need to click on this to view the larger image
 to understand what you are supposed to see here.

Sorry, where was I?.... Oh yeah, the rusty piece that was supposed to be my new lounger.  Here are some of the details showing the ruins.

in case you were wondering what is in the huge colander seen above

a new to her cabinet and birds nests displayed on a chemistry stand

there are tiny lights in the cabinet but the photo wouldn't take correctly
 - so you get the vanilla version

One other change.... the round gear table was moved to the living room.  She found a drop leaf table that was the purrfect size and needed a little restoration work.  She's kind of weird like that - if it needs some work or has imperfections she starts drooling and foaming at the mouth.  Weirdness, right?

taking nesting a bit too far?...
I mean really just how much surface space does one need to create on?!?

I would like to mention that it was purchased at the last show. Found it in her neighbor's booth space.  And here I thought that if I wasn't there to help her, she wouldn't be able to get out and shop. I'm telling you, I think I should rent her a space out in the middle of an empty field and chain her to a tent pole!

So while there were no major changes (like furniture falling through the floor), there was some small details that changed and stuff added (no surprise there).  She tells me that it is now purrfect and there is nothing much that she wants to change or change out.  Uh huh, sure we believe that don't we?

Is that why the drop leaf table is now in the studio; my rusty "lounger" desk has an arbor AND there is another piece waiting in the trailer to be swapped out?!?  Surely after this is will be totally purrfect and no changes will be needed right?.....

...be sure and check back at a later date as I'm sure there will be something different.  It's the creative side gone wild. Meow.

Thanks for visiting! 
Let's head out and go visit some other studios where bloggers create!
I bet we find they have places for their cats to sleep in the studio!!!

Where Bloggers Create

(Just click the image above to go to Karen's "My Desert Cottage")


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hey Romeo, Barney here. Mom just fainted. She made it heavily breathing and permanently sighing to the last picture and then she lost it. Can you imagine? I'll never get why she starts drooling over old chippy stuff instead of delicious mice. I guess that's good for me though because that way I have all the yummy creatures for myself. If Mom would come over to your place, you would find lots of space to lay afterwards. On the floor that is, since she would take home everything and leave an empty room. But then I wouldn't find a place to relax over here anymore, so I can't let her do that. Sorry! Maybe I could come over and help you pushing some things from the wardrobe and other places to make some space for you and afterwards we could chase some voles together.
When Mom wakes up, she'll tell me for hours how gorgeous your Mom's studio is and how much she adores each and every piece of vintage goodness and will look at the pictures again and again. Yawn. Just thinking about that makes me tired. I should better sneak outside before she wakes up ...
Wishing you a relaxing day with lots of yummy treats and let me know if you need me to come over.

Judys Lace Creations said...

Nice space.Lots to look at.Thanks for sharing.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Dear Romeo,
I love this space. Pure creative heaven. Thank you for this wonderful tour - and I'm following, even if you don't blog often. ;)
~ Lin

HMax said...

Dear Romeo, please tell 'her' I absolutely love all of her displays and would gladly bring them all to my studio. Then you'd have somewhere to nap (for a little while until she refurnished...). :)

Gail said...

LOVE all your FAB junk, my kinda place...thanks for sharing it!

Jennifer's Vintage Paperie said...

I love all of your cool junk. Tim Holtz would love to tour your place, I'm sure. The huge jar of watch parts has me drooling! I am enjoying participating in this hop!

Olive Grove Primitives said...

I am totally in Love with your studio. I would like one of everything please. I have looked at all your photo's about 3 times now.

You really have an amazing space, thanks so much for sharing it.


cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...tell her that I love her creative space. It is so pretty...and yes, you are a pretty boy too!
Hugs to both of you.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Lots and lots of fabulous trinkets and treasures your mommy has. I love it all!

xo Danielle

Diane said...

I would LOVE to get into "her" studio and play wuth all of those fascinating things. I bet you and Tessa are so happy to prowl around and hide in there. Thank you for the wonderful tour, Romeo ....and "her", too. Diane

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE YOUR STUDIO!!! Its Vintage, its Dreamy, its all those beautiful pieces your have that create such a wonderful place. I will be back to make sure I havent missed anything. Your newest follower. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

Maureen H. said...

Romeo (and his mom),

I waited all tour to find you again. I missed you since last year, although now I can see you have been busy fending off "her" invasion of you napping spaces!!! No wonder your wiskers are in a twist, "she" needs to understand who is in charge!

Please don't hate me because my mom loves the room too, I guess we are just stuck with dumb humans! ;-)

Scrappy and his mom

Art and Sand said...

great displays . . . wonderful collections . . . so many fun supplies . . . a happy place to create!

Rhonda said...

Your writing is just as creative as your studio. I so enjoyed my visit. Love every picture.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hey Romeo, my cat buddy. You need to visit http://aglitchintime.blogspot.com/2014/07/where-bloggers-create-2014.html
You are explicit mentioned in that post. Gwenn has a wicker couch in her studio and it's just waiting for you :).
Sending head bonkers right back to you, along with some virtual mice. Enjoy!

Doni said...

Hey there Romeo, it's me Nadine. I am having to use that voice tool on the computer to type in everything I say since I don't have hands, and it keeps getting my words garbled because I don't have a mouth either, but oh well. I'll try!
My lady says to tell 'HER' that she LOVES your catnap space....I mean craft space! She wants to go over there and look at everything!! I thought she liked spending time here with me, but this last week she has been in the office on the computer, and only once or twice have I seen her. So I snuck in here to see what's going on. Well, here I see this cat named Romeo, living in a gorgeous room, and so I see why.
Really great space! I liked all the pretty dresses peeking out the cabinet door and the pretty shelves the best. Oh wait, my voice is getting tired...I need some chocolate. I'll grab a treat for you on my way!

Loved my visit here!!!
Nadine (Doni's dress form)

Gwen Simmons said...

Hi Romeo and Deborah,
As always, I am overwhelmed. In spite of the fact that much of your lounging space has been covered up, Romeo, your Mom's creative flair just intrigues and inspires me. It's not the quantity of posts that matter, either. It's the drool-worthiness of your wonderful photos. I love seeing all your finds, and the Creative way that you arrange, display and use them. Wish I had "her" talent, Romeo.

In the meantime, stop by and use my wicker couch any time you like. At least, until I cover it up with thrift store or yard sale finds. Thanks for another inspiring tour, and for stopping by my blog and being so nice.

Laurel Stephens said...

(Oops, I'll try that again! :) Lovely studio! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love, love your space and everything in it. So much to look at. Love all the rusty goodies and specially the nature all about, bird nests are just my thing.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Romeo, this is a note to your mum from me Mari back in Colourblob land. My lazy secretary Chuckers only gave me a snort and looked away when I asked him to type what I had to say.... Please tell your mum that she has one fantastic space with a truck full of goodies that I really love, and I would really be happy roaming threw her space looking through all those things, antiques and vintage pieces. Super tour and please thank her for visit my space and leaving me lovely comment. So please be a good kitty and spit out that mouse and hand this note to her!!! Thank you : )

Katie Hibbs- Sacred Heart Studios said...

I love your studio and want everything in it!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Romeo - could you ask your mum if I could take up a chair with you in her studio for a day to breathe in all the vintage beauty with you. Tell her my ballet shoes are now on my dress form at the moment - come and have a look!
Does she ever sell any of those watch faces in her shop?

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Oh! Such an interesting space! I love those old cameras, the vintage children's clothes, the ladder...so many lovely things.
This visit was really a pleasure.
Besos from Argentina,

Maureen said...

You know what else is purrfect? You and her Studio!!! One of my most favorite places of all. I mean, the antiques, the furniture, you and Tessa, oh Romeo it is all divine! Those antique drawing books are incredible... every nook and cranny is filled with the most brilliant treasures - I want to come and shop there!

What an amazing studio - thank you for a wonderful tour and thank you too for the most awesome comment I have ever, ever, received on my blog! I simply LOVED it dear Romeo (and her)!

Bohemian said...

Oh Romeo how I've missed your hilarious adventures describing 'her'! The Studio as always is a Vision... I'm Weird like 'her' as well, remember? *winks* I've actually begun allowing my Fur Baby Miss Priss into my newly made-over Studio Space, she finds lots of spaces to Take Over and Explore. Guess she figures I feel Guilty for sending her babies off to their new Homes they Adopted? *Gasp... yes, I did! Blushing* We haven't cut you from the Blog Roles, so I guess that still qualifies you as a Blogger my Friend... and we Hope you'll find it in you to come more often and delight us with your Adventures? And 'hers', since I'm similarly Afflicted you know and drool over many of the same Weirdness! *winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tea in the Library said...

Loved having another peek in your studio!