A Special Kind of Love

Christmas 1964. That was a long time ago, especially in cat years.  What’s a “long time ago”.  Well let’s see….I can tell time as in dinnertime, snacktime and bedtime….but calendar time?! Not so much.  And mix in some math needed for the cat year calculation to define a “long time ago”…

Okay, yes, I cheated.  I asked "her". 

So given that one cat year is about the equivalent of seven human years that would make a “long time ago” exactly  322 years ago!

See what I mean – Christmas 1964, a long time ago, at 322 years in the past, would be considered old. And anything from that time…. an antique. And guess who that is in the picture?!

Yep. It's "her".

And the sister.

And "the cat".
So that would make the three of them antiques! Well in cat years that is (as if there is anything other than cat years).

And old things, old junk and antiques? Ah yes, how I swoon over them - full of character, imperfections and signs of being loved and loving (as well as not telling where I sharpen my claws). 

“She” tells me that’s why “she” has such a love of the old and imperfect too (not the sharpening claws part). 

But don’t go all wide eyed and jumping to conclusions. I did not sharpen my claws on anyone or anything you see in the pictures.  Especially the old picture of "her" cat. Nope, it was way before my time. 

Nor have I had anything at all to do with the condition of “her” current sawdust and fluff critters. Nope. That’s how “she” bought them.  I know scary to think that someone would pay money for some of these.  My opinion? Purrsonally, I think “she” is still pining over the loss of “the cat”.

You see, "the cat" is no longer with us.  And you would think that someone would get over it after 322 years.  But it was love. Still is love. 

“The cat” was given to her when “she” was born as a gift.  And it had a little wind up music box that played Brahm’s Lullaby. (Do they even still make those windy up things?) Apparently the lullaby didn’t put “her” to sleep fast enough.   I’m told that “she” would lie in her crib and pull out the fur on the poor cat.  

One of "her" current favorites. Gee, wonder why?
After some time, obviously, the cat ended up with some bald spots.  Quite a few actually. Probably more bald than furry by the time crib sleeping was over.  “She” even told me, that if “she” really thinks about it, she can still feel that course weave where there was no longer any fur.  (Wanna tell me that’s not pining for a lost love?) But it didn’t matter that the cat was almost bald. Nope, not the least. 

“She” loved that cat until it departed to the landfill one day while “she” was in kindergarten.  I know. The horror. The trauma.  But how many well meaning Mom’s toss out blankies and old toys?! No doubt more than a few.  Don't be sad, it wasn’t really the end of “the cat”. 

No, “the cat” is still here.

He lives in “her” heart and in her memory.  And yes, “she” still loves him.  Even named the business after him and called it (appropriately), the tattered cat.

That love is the kind of love that is Christmas. 

The kind that is true and never fades.

I know it’s the kind of love “she” has for me.  But honestly, I still wouldn’t mind too much, if one morning I woke up and had a few less tufts of fur.

I wonder, did you have anything you loved as much in your childhood?


Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...


Oh, what a sweet post about that old, tattered balding 'cat.' It brought back sweet memories for me of my balding teddy bear. Only I didn't leave him bald and missing one eye. Years ago, I re-furred him and gave him a new eyeball. He doesn't look the same, but he's the same where it counts, on the inside!


Antiques In Old Town said...

Your MOM,s Heart is so AMAZING ! A TRUE gift from GOD... Mine was a pink fur covered baby doll. It played the same song ! HUGS Rowann

Lululiz said...

Romeo, I am so impressed with you. You are handling the fact that SHE had another cat love in her life before you, extremely well. Even though SHE is still pining for her first love. You have such a big heart, Romeo. I do hope SHE realises that and treats you accordingly. As in making sure you have an unlimited snack supply, for example. And a good helping of catnip once in a while.

Gracie's Cottage said...

Oh Romeo - that's why she loves YOU so much...you helped her heart heal from the loss of her beloved cat...

My old love was a teddy bear. He was furry with a plastic-y sort of nose that I delighted in smashing in.
He's still with me, thankfully.

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy had a little bear, appropriately named "Teddy". 47 years later, she still has him!

Diane said...

Romeo you're just a soft old tear jerker. I knew it all the time.
Thanks for sharing "her" beautiful story of her cat, a real Christmas story. Diane

NanaDiana said...

Romeo- Under that cynical and seemingly callous exterior lies a heart of pure mush! I love the pictures of "her"...she was/is a doll...and I love her PURRfectly fine little old cat. Poor baby. I would never have thrown her kitty cat away no matter how bad it was. Mean old Mama...thinking she was doing everyone a favor.

Well, "she" has risen above the trauma and that's why you're still hanging around at her house...cuz she loves ya! I can feel it in my bones (not fish bones-thanks for asking) Hugs, purrs & pets...Diana

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

so thats where your moms love for cats started..all with that cat in the picture...I still have a bunny rabbit that I have had since I was 5..he doesn't look too bad.sits stuffed in a bin in the garage..guess I should pull him out and toss him on my bed or something..Hey tell your mom we would love to see what she looks like all grown up..:) and that we are about the same age..I was a 63 kid myself..;) Take care of yourself Romeo and tell everyone there I said hello.;)

victorian parlor II said...


Yup-I still have my favorite toy from kittenhood-my hippo with the bell on his tail. Love that thing even though I now prefer to play with the mouse-on-a-string-on-a-pole toy. I like to wait until mom and dad have just fallen asleep and then I grab the mouse in my mouth (with the string and the pole dragging behind) walking all over the house while I howl as loud as loud as I can. It's pretty cool. I think my mom still has her favorite stuffed animal from childhood-a stuffed dog named 'Bernie'. It has one of those wind up things inside too but it doesn't make noise anymore.

Purrs and meows,


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Romeo,
How I feel such a connection to the time and fond fur friend she had by her side. Mine was a lamb in the 60's and then a bear that was golden yellow not a pooh bear but when your young, and you see a bear with fluff and golden yellow fur it became a pooh bear to me.

I too picked the fur right off the bear, infact so much so that the bear truly had no fur all over its head or ears. I did this picking while sucking my thumb :)

I think it is wonderful that she still collects and rescues these fine critters. Be tahnkful you were not around when she was young, you too may have been picked bald :) Thats a little something to be thankful for.

Romeo, Merry Christmas my little furry friend.

This was a Purrrr-fectly endearing post (tear!)


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post!!!
I still have my blue stuffed dog that my dad brought home for me after being away on business. I LOVE(D) that dog.
My daughter, 20, has a bunny that is as real to her as the Velveteen Rabbit was to the boy. And he has all the fur rubbed off of his nose, so he MUST be real.
Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane.
miss party just could not hold out until santa came. she was EXTRA naughty!!!!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh, I love this post! Such cuties..."her" and her sister! And I am sure that although she loved that old cat, is doesn't even come close to replacing you, Romeo! Merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie

Unknown said...

Romeo my friend,
You are BRILLIANT! I will give Miss Party the tree ends pronto!!!!
Now, I have to say you would be one wonderful cat to snuggle with and listen to you purr. But I have a confession.
I'm allergic to cats!!!!! I sneeze and my eyes itch and I pretty much miserable. Maybe a tape recording of your purring would help!

Rustique Gal said...

Romeo Dear! It's so sweet of you to keep your claws out of the "new" stuffed animals. Hopefully She keeps a scratching post for you?
Her picture is adorable, as is the old kitty! I never got my fill of stuffed animals as a kid, but I have quite a few now. One I mourn the loss of, though, is the red autograph hound with all the names of people who are gone now. I would give anything to see that thing again! Love and Merry Christmas!

oldgreymare said...

Tony 1, 2, 3, and 4
All elephants.
My Dad's Tony was #1, he was given to me and I still have him. The other's went?

merry merry


Burlap Luxe said...

Romeo you tell her that I think you are one of my favorite visitors :)
You may dip those furry paws into all the cream you want over at my place.

I am going to leave a bit of cat nip under the tree for you on your next visit, it is wrapped up in a little paper brown bag wrapping.

Romeo I am putting on a little holiday cheer over here, there is a request of you! would you mind wearing the Santa cap and playing Santa CLAWS? I thought of you and your Purrr-fect for the part :)

A Joyeux Noel to you and her.

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Romeo, what a beautiful post!

Warm Christmas wishes to you and all your loved ones! Health, Happiness and may all of your dreams come true for 2011!

Hugs, Gaby