October, November, and December.

That was the order of things. Until this year. Although I suspect, it may have been headed in this direction for some time now. When it started to turn amuck, I’m not sure I can put my paw on an exact time, day or even year. But I remember a whisker twitch here and there, back then. And probably not even so long ago. But I paid it no heed and went back to sunning myself, it was just a whisker twitch afterall...

October and Halloween came and went quietly. Certainly not as many decorations or fanfare as is normal around here. I had thought it was due to the activity of company and the Country Living show. But now I am not so certain. Was that really October? The leaves on the trees had not turned, well unless you consider the natural color of Fall as brown. But brown some of them were - a sign of the summer heat and lack of rain. But this time my fur started to twitch …..was that October already come and gone? Or is it yet to come? Heck, maybe it was many months ago and I missed it.

But then last week, around Monday, it looked like this….

And I thought, ah all is in order. I was simply suffering from a kink in the tail, napping too much purrhaps. This, now this was wonderful – Fall! Leaves to play in, cool breezes blowing through my fur and whiskers…..and soon Thanksgiving!!! That glorious day of giant turkey drumsticks!!! And I dozed off dreaming….as the rain began to fall. That was Thursday.

Today? I am still eurphoric over the anticipation of giant drumsticks.

Until I look outside.

The leaves are no longer on the trees and the skies are shades of grey. And it’s raining with a wintery look that says, ‘you want to stay inside and use the litterbox’. I’d take a picture to show you (because I know you like pictures) but it’s already almost dark. And what time is it? 5:30. Hmmmm….winter for sure.

Oh wait….winter.

Winter?!? Eek! What about Thanksgiving? What happened to Fall?!?

And for confirmation, I look around inside and it looks like this.

Is that Winter? Or Christmas?!? Either way, it is NOT Fall and certainly the making of a bad dream for this cat.

The horror! I flee to the porch…..where upon my whisker thermometer told me it was a wilting 65 degrees.

What did I just say?

Yes – sixty-five degrees.

I look to the newspaper for the date, because I am so confused – no leaves on the trees, sixty-five degrees, pumpkins on the porch, and winter/Christmas décor creeping into the cracks and crevices (which NEVER EVER appears before Thanksgiving). The date is November 21st. And I do not live in Florida.

And yet I am not sure. Tomorrow they are predicting 75 degrees. Really and truly, cross my whiskers. I’m very serious. This is all very serious. You realize that don’t you??!? I mean c’mon now my calendar (which may no longer be accurate) says that Thursday is Thanksgiving day -that glorious day when all my turkey leg dreams come true!

But if the weather says Spring, the trees are bare and the interior décor is a mix of white pumpkins and pointsetta…..is it October, November or December??? And if Thursday rolls through and "she" thinks that it’s April….does this mean no turkey legs for me?!?! And maybe no Christmas catnip either?!? Do you see my horror?!!? Someone, purrlease, I am begging you put the calendar and mother nature back in sync….October, November and December. In that exact order. Purrlease.


Olive said...

Hi Romeo, it is hot here too. Th high here today was 81 and even in Georgia that is weird. Clovis is happy though cause he does not like cold weather. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you there at "her" house. hugs♥O

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well Romeo, Charlie and I live on the other side of that big concrete city from you and its hot and icky here also BUT I can guarantee that Thursday is Thanksgiving and there will be turkey legs here if 'she' forgets! hugs, Linda and Charlie

Diane said...

Oh, Romeo, you poor cat. I don't blame you for being confused. I'm purrty sure that Thanksgiving and the turkey legs WILL be this coming Thursday. I really hope you have a great day. So good to hear from you. Say hello to "her". Diane
P.S. Rascal says Hi. He's a dog but more like a cat - he can even meow.

NanaDiana said...

Poor Romeo- No WONDER you are confused...and I suppose SHE doesn't know whether she should wear her longjohns or simply a slip under her skirt. Stop imagining THAT you naughty cat!!

It is cold here. In the 30's but popping up to the 40's here and there...warm for us, too, this time of year.

We have our new baby to warm our hearts though as we prepare for what I am pretty sure is Thanksgiving although it will be a bit different here this year, too.

Scritches to you- I have missed you, you dear ol' thing! xo Diana

cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...you poor confused kitty. It is Fall for sure here in Ohio...cold and windy with some rain lightly coming down.
Thanksgiving is coming this Thursday and I'm sure your human mom will have that turkey leg for you.

oldgreymare said...

Romeo poor Romeo..go take a nap kitty... all is well

Lululiz said...

I am somewhat confuzzled by the weather over here as well, it has been unseasonally warm the last week or two, but it is getting colder now.

Bohemian said...

Well Romeo, all of that unseasonably hot weather would make you climatized to visit Arizona now and 'She' could load her truck up with Found Treasures discovered deep in the Arizona Desert! *Winks* Thanks for the visit... You'll enjoy my Thanksgiving Post... it will be a Single Image... of my Beloved Fur Baby who I miss every day... when I see your sweet face you remind me so much of her in fact! Perhaps you were Twins separated at Birth I wonder? Enjoy your juicy Drumstick...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... where it's always 75+ degrees in late November. *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Becky said...

Helloooooo Romeo!I know you, I remember.I kept thinking and thinking whats that blog name of the cat who sent me the little gift,lol.I couldnt remember it.Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.So nice to hear from you again.Im a new follower.Come and join me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carole said...

Poor Romeo.....it's like here too. We just call it NE weather but I guess it's like that everywhere. Happy drumstick day to you pretty kitty.

Happy Thanksgiving to your mama!


Catherine said...

Oh my goodness! It sounds like the seasons are all discombobulated out your way! But how wonderful to be enjoying some warm weather. I can send you some of my cold so it evens things out a bit. That would work huh? ;)

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend dear Romeo!

xo Catherine

Unknown said...

Right with you, Mr. Kitty.
We don't have snow around these parts, but it's also supposed to heat up to the mid to upper 70's. WHAT is up with that?????
Maybe if we decorate for Christmas it will change the weather?

Cindy said...

It was a brisk 28 degrees here in Texas this morning!!! Really crazy weather we are all having!! We went from HOT to COLD in a matter of hours..Stay warm Romeo and enjoy the sunshine while you can!