A Battle of Wills: Fabric Roses vs. "Her"

Grand-dad’s a pretty kewl guy!  He made “her” me a nice bench out of an old bed.  He’s an engineer and designs and makes things.  Really solid things that are so well built, they will most certainly be intact for all nine of my lives, give or take a couple hundred years.  

With the bench complete, the next step was to replace the upholstered headboard.  No problem, right?


Would you believe “she” waited six weeks before giving up on the local upholstery company?!?  Sure, there were phone calls and emails and multiple requests for quotes.  The quote needed was for the headboard and a couple of cushions.  Nothing fancy.  Just cover it with a solid color of something durable and neutral.  Heck, they probably could have covered it with a painter’s drop cloth and used the staple gun.  Certainly, nothing exotic or over the top.  

“She” tried to be patient.  I mean I really think “she” did good.  I can tell you that I sure wouldn’t have waited six weeks for a quote on an anchovy pizza with extra cheese. So I wasn’t too awfully surprised when “she” decided that six weeks and no answer was just no longer acceptable.  Gee, you think?!

So “she” took matters into “her” own paws.  And really, it was probably just as well.  Because while the original thought was something simple….throw some creativity into it and it takes on a life of it's own and becomes something else entirely.  At least "she" won't have to feed it or train it to use the litter box.

I wonder though….do any of you creative types do and then re-do something you are creating?!?  “She” thought “she” wanted lots of fabric roses.  I wasn’t impressed but as long as they were not on my cushions I wouldn’t say a word.

There must have been a bazillion of them.  "She" worked several nights on them.  Only stopping when "her" paws hurt.  When "she" reached the magic number of a bazillion, some were pinned on the headboard and “she” thought “she” liked them.  So "she" started gluing them on.  Then about halfway through the bazillion roses, “she” paused and wasn’t sure this was what “she” really wanted.  

"She" would sit and stare at them.  And I would nap.   

The more "she" looked the more certain "she" was that they were coming off.  The design was no good.

But the roses.  They had other plans.  And they were NOT cooperative.  Not even a little bit.

The glue had dried.  Hard as a rock. 

Pulling and twisting did nothing.  Well...except tear the net lace.

Scissors became necessary. 

Oops.  Scissors slipped a little.  Sure hope that can be covered up. Can fake suede be glued back together?

Sure you don’t want those roses on there?  Maybe just a few??!?

Many came off.  Unwillingly.  But they came off.

Some stayed.  Some didn't make it through the tear them off phase and they became fabric lumps.  And some were relocated to another configuration.  No, not the lumpy torn ones.  I got those. BTW, they slide very nicely along the wood floor.  I'll share them with you if you come over to play.

Then one evening something magical must have happened because “she” started working with specific direction.  And common sense – pin things BEFORE gluing and BE SURE you want what you see. 

Walk away from it.  Revisit and look to see if you still like the direction. Novel idea, yes? As you may be suspecting, naturally, I suggested this plan of attack.  

I think that because of my contribution and support as well as Grand-dad’s talent with wood, it turned out acceptable.  I’m still testing the cushions for comfort….I’ll let you know what I think…..after my nap…..

Anyone else want to volunteer to help me try out the new bench for comfort?????  The pay isn't good, but the benefits are pretty decent....milk and snacks will be served....


cristinoel said...

Oh, I couldn't sit on it. I would drool all over it, for sure. What a lucky kitty. That turned out so beautiful.

Katnip Lounge said...

Milk and snacks? We are suckers for both...we'll be happy to try out your new bed.

BTW, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is gorgeous!Romeo you stay off it,LOL. Romeo looks just like my youngest cat name kitty.Thats so adorable thanks for sharing!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh your mama and grand dad did a wonderful job on that piece Romeo..it is gorgeous!!! you must give your mama a big old kiss..be sure not to huck up a hairball on that pretty piece of furniture...love the little orange kitty..tell your mama she has beautiful kids.;) have a great time tossing those thrown away roses...;)

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Romeo, I am sure Al cat and Jack dog would love to join you in a nap on the beautiful new bench! They are very creative, also, when it comes to finding néw ways to play with things like lovely fabric roses.

Doni said...

How BEAUTIFUL! Romeo oh Romeo, wherefore art MY bed Romeo?? I WANT ONE!!! Such a loving mama to make that for you!! Lovely job!
blessings, Doni

The Feathered Nest said...

GORGEOUS GIRL!!!!! (and of course, sweet Romeo) I just love this bench...you are amazing Deborah!!!! What a wonderful idea to use the fabric roses on this piece too! Have a great week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Unknown said...

Oh, my!!! Thank goodness "she" has great perseverance. Because "she" did a FABulous job on the bench!!! Absolutely gorgeous. ( and you're pretty cute for a cat!)

Anonymous said...

"Acceptable!" It is downright gorgeous!
I think there are a few paws here that would love to be fur-ends with you and test the cushions.

Unknown said...

WOWZER... I am not going to show my kitties This post they will definitly want to come over and snuggle on that bench.. It is sooo beautiful..

Monica said...

OMG! That is amazing!! Love love love the roses on it. What a fantastic idea.
And a huuge thank you to Romeo and you for your sweet words. I appreciate so much!:)

Lovey said...

Oh how I love your posts!

oldgreymare said...

Howie thinks it is just beautiful and would love to nosh on that lower lace.

He knows he gets into big trouble when he does it, but he just cannot help himself. Grandma's old lace tablecloth a few years back? Yummy

I think your Mama did an incredible job so Romeo be nice.....

Catherine said...

How beautiful ~ that is crafty creativeness at it's finest ~ very lovely!

I would think those pretty roses would indeed be a fun thing to slide along that beautiful wood floor! :)

Have a fun day!
xo Catherine

Julie Marie said...

Oh Romeo, you are just the cutest little kitty cat! I can just see you sliding those roses across the floor! BIG kitty kisses to you... oh yes, please tell "her" hello!... xoxo Julie Marie

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Romeo, WOW what a gorgeous creation. Love the roses and I bet you had such fun with them.

Thank you also for stopping by.
I am having a new giveaway if you'd like to stop by and enter.

Big hugs and kitty kisses!
Celestina Marie

victorian parlor II said...


Milk and snacks? I'm there dude! Just send me the address and I'll take the car keys when mom isn't looking-she's used to hearing me rattling around with stuff. The bench looks pretty comfy-purrrfect for napping!

Purrs and meows,


PS-I better get off the computer, if my mom sees that bench she'll go nuts and want to do the same thing! She loves that kinda stuff!

SheilaC said...

That bench is SO beautiful! Well worth the hard (and sometimes frustrating) work!

Have a great weekend


Olive said...

Romeo, your Mama did real good. Excellent in fact. She needs no professional she is one! Do not scratch that bench! hugs♥olive

Lululiz said...

Wow, I guess SHE has done alright, thats a pretty fab looking bench! Psst, Romeo, while she is not looking, do tell me, how many sleeps and snoozes have you had on the bench so far?? Have you managed to hide any claw marks successfully?
I have missed you little rascal while I was away, glad to be catching up with you again.

Karen Valentine said...

Wow, Romeo. Please tell "her" that is turned out just beautifully! Sometimes I have to re-do projects several times before I am happy too. Oh, and Romeo.... thank you for coming by and leaving such a sweet note for me. You are the cats meow!
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