Cats and dogs always know what time it is.


You’ve noticed that haven’t you?

Think about it.....We know when it’s dinner time, lunch time, fresh water in the bowl time and snack time.  Especially snack time. We even know when it’s time for you to come home from work or shopping.

Calendar time? That’s a different story.  Our life does not need a calendar, so we don’t need to keep up with the day of the week, the date or even the month. 

For the really important times of year, we just seem to instinctively know.  It doesn’t hurt that the Halloween decorations are out.  Or that the Christmas tree is waiting for us when we wake up from our mid-morning nap.  We’ve found these to be pretty good indicators of important holiday seasons. 

Consider too, seasonal times of year - AUTUMN! After all those hot temperatures this summer who isn’t wanting some crisp Fall temperatures?! 

However, there is a small problem here sometimes…..Autumn comes before any Halloween decorations up in the house.  So unless the leaves are already falling, the entrance of Autumn might be missed.  And the really good leaf falling days are simply not to be missed.  Some years seems like I miss them while I’m napping.  Yep, it goes by that quick.

So imagine my delight when Grammie gave “her” these beautiful Autumn napkins with an important note….

What’s this?!? First day of Autumn?!?! EeeEkkkK - Oh my whiskers!!

There is not a moment to wait! I MUST get outside so that I don’t miss one single moment!

“Too hot Romeo” or so “she” says.  Hmphh. Sounds like an excuse to me.  Didn’t “she” read the note?!?

“She” must be blind as a bat.  No wonder “she” loves Halloween.  A fitting holiday if you catch my meaning….

Well I was not to miss this important event.  I wanted to be outside so as to greet Autumn when it came through.  Afterall, who else was going to be able to convince Autumn and it's crisp temperatures to stay around for a bit.  It’s important to make Autumn feel welcome.  If you want her to stick around for a bit...

‘Excuse me,’ I politely asked, ‘may I go out for some fresh fall air?’

No reply.

Okay so “she” is blind AND deaf as a door nail?!?!

*pop* upside the large fluffy one’s angelic head.  Is “she” paying attention now?!?

Victim: Zoe - the large fluffy angelic one
NO?! You gotta be kidding.


Ah, so the deaf one does indeed hear....

Now may I go outside? Please’

Freedom obtained. But there are no leaves falling. Unless you count the dead ones that didn’t get enough water. (hint hint whoever could be at fault there)

Still I opted to stay outside. Grammie said it was the first day of Autumn.

So I would wait.  For Autumn. For hours.

Past my curfew time of 9:00 p.m.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know what time it is.  But you knew that already.  Unfortunately, so did “she”.

“She” came outside looking for me and called my name.  Over and over. 

Walked the property.  Still calling my name.  Mumbling too that it was past my curfew. Not that I was close enough to hear that.  I’m just saying.

Hey, “she” needed the exercise. And it was a pleasant evening.

But around 10:30 I decided it was probably time to call it a day and wait until tomorrow.  Besides it's hard to sleep when someone keeps yelling in the background of your cat dreams.  Maybe Autumn would stop by tomorrow.

And if Autumn had shown up, I would have been ready.

If “she” hadn’t thrown me in the dungeon grounded me.

Now it’s raining.  I think Autumn may be on it’s way.  The temperatures feel cooler.  Well as much as one can feel from down in the dungeon inside the house.  Looking out from the window. I sure hope I can escape so that a proper welcome can be accomplished.  I love fall and want it to last more than a week.  How about you?

If you like fall too, how about putting in a good word for me? Purrlease?  I really want to go play in the leaves…we could play in them together......I'll bring the snacks....purrlease......


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh PLEASE let Romeo go out and play in the leaves!! Charlie says he would like to go but alas he NEVER gets to go outside (no front claws and a hawk that likes tasty cats) so he makes do with the screen in porch. I do bring him in some leaves to play with from time to time. Now Romeo come the first time she calls and she will let you go out and play more!!

Lisa Salkeld said...

Well, Romeo, Oscar did make it out today for a roll in the fresh cut grass and a nap in the bushes, which was Heaven. Lola made it to the back porch, but immediately meooowwweedddd to go back inside! Not sure what's wrong with her! And dear, sweet Margarita had to be content perching on a chair pulled up to the screendoor. Our kitties are all happy that you had some freedom today....even if it was short-lived!

Katnip Lounge said...

Romeo, here goes:

PLEASE please please! Let Romeo Outside to enjoy Autumn. He's a Good Cat at heart. He was only waiting for a true Leaf to Fall.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH Romeo my kittys love to play in the leaves..we pile them up really high and then get a big stick and put it in the leaves and watch them go after the stick..Little Pody Lynn (you would think she was pretty) finds the biggest prettiest ones and brings them to her mama and I use them in my Autumn decorating..maybe if you did that your mama would let you outside more...I'm just sayin..;) and please don't pick on your sister..its not nice.;) have a great week ahead and I do hope you get to go outside and enjoy it..just come when you are called cause your mama loves you very much.;)

Unknown said...

Yes, my dog knows exactly what time it is. Pretty good for a dog, huh?
Please, please will you tell autumn to not miss our house? Summer thinks it still needs to be here.

Lululiz said...

Isn't playing in the leaves just the bestest fun? We could play find-the-conkers, or who-can-make-the-biggest-mess. Does SHE rake the leaves together into big piles? Oh, the opportunities... how good are you at pile diving? I'll be over as soon as you give me the paws up, I'll bring the conkers.....

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh my Romeo... who couldn't give you everything you wanted and more. You have me at Purleeease. ;D I do hope 'she' lets you out to romp a bit but I also know how frustrating (and scary) it can be to call and call without so much as a paw showing up.
On a brighter note, looks like Grammie has fabulous taste, LoVe the fabric!!
Hugs to you both♥
PS. You're too darn cute basking in that afternoon sun on the deck. ;D

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Romeo,
Did the poetry about birds make your mouth water? Or fonder love for those precious little birds that take flight at the sight of you! :)

Thank you for your visit, Hmmmm! I wonder why we think birds are so Poetic, why not CATS? I wonder if it should not have said...
"CAT POETRY" Meooooow now that's a thought.

Love the fall fabric, I need to do some more projects with sewing and fabrics. I love to sew in the winter, nice and cool to deal with all the fabric.

Romeo I would invite you to roll in our leaves but we just don't get enough of them around here, California is starnge about that :(
But we have great big SAND BOXES how fun would that be? Life size kitty litter boxes, Meow-zer!!!

Well it was a purrrr-fect day here for your visit and love seeing your little paw prints you left behind :)

give my love to the gang!!
Whisker kisses

Anonymous said...

Oh, Romie, I did not know "she" was going to confuse you with the fall napkins I made her. I will meet you under the fringe tree and we will play in the leaves and have snacks...so grateful for having you in my life. love and smooches, grammie

cristinoel said...

Oh, My Whiskers! Romeo we need to go out and run through the leaves and toss them in the air! I'll sneak you out! She can sit and play with her beautiful scraps and make something neat while we play!

Anonymous said...

Please let Romeo out of the dungeon, but I do agree with you that he needs to be mindful of curfew. I think he has learned his lesson. (until the next time)

Gaby Bee said...

Please let Romeo outside to enjoy Autumn. Playing in the leaves is such a fun...it brings back many memories from my childhood...

Thank you both for entering my giveawy!
Good luck!

Gaby xoxo

Olive said...

Dear Romeo, do you come inside when it rains? My cat runs back into the house at the first raindrop! I hope you get to tumble about in the leaves. ♥O

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo you don't have email?? I wanted to answer you about Linda going to Texas. She is visiting her Mother so it's OK and my other 'attendant' will be here to take care of my every need. She is flying and I don't do airplanes! Hey if I can sneak out maybe we can chase some chicks!

Diane said...

keep up the nagging, Romeo. Hopefully it will pay off again. Your furiend, Diane

Rebecca said...

No leaves here yet either Romeo, but fall temps are on the way! I just love the warm sun and cool air with the smell of leaves in the air, don't you?
If you charge the door and scurry fast past "her" you can escape... my Oliver does it all the time.

Ordinary Hiker said...

Hello JunkYard Cat! I'm glad I found you while stumbling through some other blogs. I love your blog, and Romeo, you and your posts are just adorable. My pup Bender Oak loves kitties, so I'm going to subscribe him to your blog feed, so don't be scared if you see a dog following you around on the internet, Lol!....