Paper Love

Any idea why us cats like to lay on paper?

Me neither.

Oh, but I do love paper – all kinds, shapes and sizes!

This past Friday, “she” went to Atlanta.  And “she” stopped at one of my favorite places – Archivers.  Have you ever been to Archivers?

Me neither.

Not that it matters.  “She” brings home the most wonderful paper and I don’t even have to ask! How’s that for service?!?!

“She” told me how “she” fell in love with this paper.  You know that love at first sight thing?!

My Mind's Eye project example by Tamara Jensen

“She” loves the vintage look, the colors…..

And the GLITTER?!?!

Is this not the most wonderful paper?!

My Mind's Eye project example by Tamara Jensen
This is my mostest favorite paper ever!  As far as the new stuff goes.  The really old stuff is still the best but "she's" got it locked away in a trunk so I can't get to it....Anyway, when I lay on this paper, the glitter sticks to my fur! Yep! Ain’t this grand?!?

I’m hoping this brings the babes by the herds!  Can’t you see it??! Herds of admiring babe cats?!

You don't think the glitter and shine has attraction?!?  Have you not read the very popular Twilight Saga series?!  

For those of you who have not, the lead male character, Edward is a vampire.  Bella, who is human, describes Edward in the sunlight, ‘shining like thousands of diamonds’ (or something like that - "she" is not always so easy to share a book with).  So anyway…. if us guy cats get lots of glitter on us, we'll sparkle and shine like thousands of diamonds too !!!! 

With the popularity the Twilight series has, and us looking all sparkling like vampires....  How could we not have herds of cat babes swooning over us!!!

I'm thinking I should also remind you, we don't just have one life, we have NINE!!!  I think that may already qualify us as vampires of sort, don't you think?! I mean that would explain our charming purrsonality,  good looks and fangs, yes?! I think I'm on to something here...


You don’t think the glitter and nine life thing has vampire validity written all over it?!?

Hey, did you forget about the fangs already?!?


Is that your skepticism showing? Or just toilet paper stuck to your pant leg?

Better sleep with one eye open.

I’m just saying……


Burlap Luxe said...

So kind of you to visit me with her, love that you were concerned on my straying away for awhile. I was taking cat naps in between my working and creating. I was getting concerned if I had cat nap fever. Romeo did you remember telling us you wanted to shread the books up for your kitty litter box, is this part of your paper fettish?

Did you see the new poetry art I posted after your visit by way of email! you must go see the bird on it that I painted to tempt you with. I know your a good guy and you will appreciate the art like ones hanging in a Mew-seum!! Come on over I will read you a little bird poetry :)

see you soon Romeo!
Whisker kisses

Lululiz said...

Sigh and swoon, I bet you look devillishly, or rather vampirerishly handsome all sparkly and glittery. What a dashing figure you cut! I think SHE should be allowed to get more of that glittery paper for you, a vampire cat can never have enough glitter paper I reckon. One owes it to one's adoring female subjects, surely, to be looking one's best. And that means glittered up. Hmm, now how to get a teeny little diamond into one of your impressive fangs to go with the glittery fur ........

The Monkeys said...

You're definitely on to something, Romeo! The girlcats in my household are swooning!


Plumrose Lane said...

Oh Romeo, you always have the most darling twist on things and I'm glad you included the fangs... you're a natural babe magnet I say! ;D

Julie Marie said...

Oh Romeo, you kitties are just purr~escious! I love your glitter paper! Hmmm... not sure about the vampire thing...but then I haven't gotten into the twilight thing... you look more loving to me than a vampire... kitty kisses! xoxo Julie Marie

Catherine said...

Oh yes ~ pretty paper always brings me joy as well! But Banjo, even the weekly newspaper seems to make him happy. I am betting you look extra handsome with the glitters on your fur. :)
xo Catherine

stefanie said...

you do have nine lives...live it up!!!

cristinoel said...

A little bit of glitter never hurt anybody! Or anything! I love it!

Katnip Lounge said...

We don't mind a little glitter in our fur, but it's such a pain to groom it out!
We too are obsessed with paper, and the way it so deliciously crinkles under our paws and booty. Bliss!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Romeo I would love you even if you didn't have all the glitz and glitter on you..and where does your mom come up with this stuff.;) I'm just sayin..;) you are so cute and so are your siblings.;) tell mom hi for me..and lots of catnip for and the others..I'm buying;)

Burlap Luxe said...

Je vous adore et je voudrais te garder pour moi.
Merci de partager votre amour avec elle et avec moi.

Whisker kisses

Gaby Bee said...

I think you are the swarm of all cat babs anyway. I bet all chicas are crazy about you, with or without glitter ;-)

You are a such a cutie, Romeo!

Check out my Blog, when you have a sec...
Hugs, Gaby

Anonymous said...

Oh my LOL@babes by the herds.I laughed so hard.I think Romeo you are just to much,LOL.;)

Unknown said...

Such a studious cat.
Stop by to see the antics of dogs (is that allowed to be said here?) splashing into water. I'm sure you will confirm them of the lesser beings after seeing this!!!

Unknown said...

This has sure made my day. Romeo you are adorable..lol And I love that paper! You deserve the very best. I really enjoyed my visit. Have a purr-fect day!:-)
Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha!! You are the perfect cat. Any cat that likes dogs is o.k. by me!! Of course, when you have the perfect dog, like a Golden it's not hard.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Romeo,
thanks for stopping by and I just love that paper!
Can't wait to see what she will do with it.

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Romeo,
I share your love of paper, as does my Fluffy. If I set a bag or a newspaper down, she claims it as her new nest. This paper is lucious, btw!
Hope you can get enough of it before she claims it for a project!

Rella said...

Romeo...you are my favorite feline..next to my sassy cat Pia...did she ever tell you how she acquired the name Pia??? She began as Morgan, but it was soon evident that she was a pain in .....well, Pia. yes. sadly true. She seems to be quite proud of the name...SHE OWNS IT.....as 'they' say.

Thank you for your visits...I love seeing you there at faerieluna.

xox Rella